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Are Cryptocurrencies banned in India?

Are Cryptocurrencies Banned in India?

Cryptocurrency in India has always been something that’s not understood by many individuals. India has one of the foremost important economies within the world, would always fear something which has … Read More

Causes and Effects of NPA on Banks

Causes and Effects of NPAs on Banks

The Indian banking sector plays a major role as a financial intermediary and is considered to be the main channel of monetary policy transmission, credit delivery, and payment systems. The … Read More

FOOD FOR GOOD: Obesity and nutrition

Hult Prize, also known as “Noble Prize for Students” provides an opportunity to students to think through the solutions for biggest issues in the global environment such as those on … Read More

Impact of the Farm Bill the on FCI

Recently we have seen a lot of News regarding Farm Bills and Farmers’ protest against them. But exactly What is Farm Bill 2020? Why are Farmers protesting against it? Is … Read More

Initial Public Offering - IPO

Booming IPO And Its Impact on the Stock Market

Nowadays we are seeing a lot of News regarding the IPOs issuing in our Stock market. This week we saw the News regarding the IPO Of Companies like Burger King … Read More

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