5 Best MBA Colleges In The World

The beauty of a management degree isn’t that it offers a job, no! It is actually the fact that it takes in people from all backgrounds and transforms them into industry-fitting forms. For example, a student with psychology majors in graduation can become an excellent HR professional or a civil engineer with an operations degree would be unbeatable. It is a plus if you have prior work experience but even if you don’t, MBA doesn’t differentiate.

While an MBA degree would look really good on your CV, there is a lot that goes behind choosing the right college. Clearing the cut-off or finding your chose field of study just doesn’t cut it.

Listed below are 5 best colleges for MBA in the world and what makes them so great

No. #1: The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School

Indisputably, one of the best colleges in the world to offer a management degree is Wharton School. Located in Philadelphia, USA, Wharton boasts of an acceptance rate of only 9%. It offers a Full-Time 20-month MBA course including a 3.5-month long summer internship. Students have the option of choosing from an extensive batch of 19 majors and 200 electives. Wharton accepts an average GMAT score of around 732. It also enjoys a high rank on being a gender inclusive business school with female students forming about 44% of the entire batch and International students contributing to about 33% of the batch.

No. #2: Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Knight Management Center, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Tied with Wharton for the first rank as a top MBA college in the world is Stanford. Founded in 1952, it is one of the toughest colleges to get into with its acceptance rate of only 6.1%. Situated in California, USA, Stanford accepts an average GMAT score of about 734. The college also allows students to take up courses from different streams like Healthcare, Foreign Language etc to boost their management degree and skills. For the first-year students are taught core courses with cover all aspects of business management and in Second Year they have the option to choose from over 100 courses based on their interests and field of work. Its Full time MBA course of 24 months long. Stanford also ranks high in being gender diverse with female students forming 47% of their 2019-21 batch. International students make up about 42% of the total strength.

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No. #3: INSEAD


Having two campuses, one in Fontainebleau, France and other in Singapore, INSEAD’S 10-month long MBA model has proved to be highly efficient. The entire duration is divided into 5 periods of 8 weeks each. Students are taught a total of 14 core courses and are given a choice to select from about 75 elective courses. The college takes an average GMAT score of about 710. INSEAD sees a big number of students bringing their partners to campus with them and hence the college also boasts of a Partner’s Club that helps in smooth interaction of students and their partners with other students and partners. The college has a gender diversity of about 35% and an acceptance rate of 31% which is the highest among the top business schools. INSEAD’s batch majorly includes international students i.e. about 96% of the total lot.

No. #4: MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan School of Management

Tied with INSEAD for the third place in the list is the flagship 2 Year MBA program of MIT Sloan. With an acceptance rate of 13.8%, MIT Sloan follows the pattern of Core courses and electives. It accepts an average GMAT score of about 728. First-year students are divided into groups called cohorts which are further divided into smaller teams. This is in line with MIT Sloan’s motto of working together to form bonds and connects to make MBA a lasting experience. Apart from electives, MBA grads can also choose Tracks and Certifications from an assortment of subjects and streams. Female population forms 42% of the entire batch. MIT Sloan also sees International students forming about 38% of the entire batch.

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No. #5: Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

Situated in Massachusetts, USA, HBS is undeniably one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. It has an acceptance rate of 12%. Harvard follows the pedagogy of Required & Elective Curriculum throughout its 2-year MBA program. What counts as the greatest strength of the HBS MBA program is its diversity in batch quality with female students making up about 41% while international students forming around 37% of the total batch. HBS also offers joint degrees like Law/MBA, MD/MBA etc. A GMAT score of about 730 is required to clear the cut off.

Apart from these, a few notable mentions are-

  • London Business School, UK
  • HEC Paris, France
  • The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, USA
  • Haas School of Business, USA
  • The Kellogg School of Management, USA

These essentially form the best 10 MBA colleges in the world.

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