Call for Articles: Final Results

Call for Articles is a competition that was launched with the intent of attracting budding student talent across India and providing them with a platform to showcase their potential. It all began with a few simple posts on our online platforms but the results generated were outstanding. In less than 2 weeks our competition had garnered 6000+ views and 650+ registrations from B schools and Undergraduate colleges across India.

The competition was designed in the following format: 2 Rounds with the 1st Round being submission of articles on various topics as mentioned in the competition guidelines. The 2nd Round was designed to generate maximum engagement with the top 10 articles that were shortlisted from Round 1. As they say, content is king and so true success of good content lies in the content’s usability in real life and its ability to influence people. So, with the umbrella theme of making quality content available to all, we successfully launched the competition.

The topics for the competition were selected in such a way that everyone could contribute to the competition and diverse stories and views could be presented on our platform. Whether one wanted to talk about COVID, economy or marketing to sharing one’s own B-school admission journey and Internship stories, our compelling topic list had it all. We had only one mantra in our mind, ‘For the students, By the students’. This has been our primary driver behind all student interactions that we aim to facilitate through our platform.

With the topics scope being this vast, we expected multiple views and stories to flow into our collection and as expected we were pleasantly surprised with what the future of India had to contribute for us. We had success stories, life lessons, socio-economic variables, prime marketing concepts and government policy themed articles with each article widening our perspective on the respective issues and topics discussed.

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The participants had outdone themselves and we had the final shortlist of the Top 10 articles that were promoted on our social media handles for a period of 5 days. The aim was simple, to make the content available to all and garner feedback from as many readers as possible. So, with this round coming to a steady close on 8th July, we were down to the 5 winners who had aced the challenge and had made it to the end.

You might be wondering what was at Stake for them?

  • Exclusive Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 3000
  • Certificates of Appreciation
  • A chance to become an author for Roads2Future and have their views heard by the student community and industry network across the country

After a tough neck to neck battle, we have our final 5 winners:

However, we believe all our top 10 finalists are winners in their own right and for each of them we have extended an offer to join us and contribute their work for Roads2Future to have their voice heard through our platform.

We are a platform with a high potential for growth and an ever widening industry connect to bring the best for students and young professionals across domains and India.

Stay tuned for more such opportunities from Roads2Future in the coming days. We aim to provide you with only the best that we can!

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