Consultants – The New Tycoons

There are many consulting firms in India. Working as consultants is a blooming career for college graduates. These consultants are meant for giving advice to the company. They act as ambassadors between two clients. Thinking how a college graduate can do it so simply? Here’s the answer.


Consultancy means the act of giving professional advice. Anyone can be a consultant, in spite of any kind of degree. Consultants act as a bridge between two companies. They are responsible for gathering as well as creating content. These consultants are also responsible for representing the collected data to its simplest way. They also decode the most complex data to a simpler form, so that the person belonging to a non- technical background can also understand it.

The gathering of data here includes various steps like-

  • researching internal knowledge database of the particular company
  • researching the internet
  • studying reports by internal parties
  • interviewing experts, clients, customers.

It also includes surveying, data analysis, mystery shopping. Later the data collected from the above techniques is used for creating content. This content is then used to deliver the final product. However, the most important task is content presentation. This study helps them in analysing the client’s pros and cons for any proposition.

Types of Consultant Roles

The consulting firms are classified on the basis of the task they perform-

Strategy Consultants- What They Do
  • Strategy consulting firms works for the company when it comes to marketing. They plan the strategy for marketing, consult on whether the production should be shifted to a cost-effective place, etc.
  • Management consulting comes into play when it is about working alongside the company about arranging the operations or meeting the demands of the clients.
  • IT consultants are employed when a company has to empower a new software for its employees. They provide advice like if whether switching to new software is better or integrating it with the current software is better.
What Management Consultants Do

Based on the above three types, listed below are some of the top consulting firms in India:

  1. McKinsey and Co.
  2. The Boston Consulting Group
  3. Bain Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.
  4. AT Kearney
  5. Accenture
  6. Tata Strategic Management Group
  7. A.F Fergusons and Co.
  8. Arshiya International limited
  9. Deloitte
  10. KVP Business Solutions
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Two Side of the Same Coin

Like every job, consulting also has its own pros and cons. When it comes to consulting you get a chance to expand your network and learn about every aspect of a running a business. Consultants also have the advantage of work on their own terms. Once stable, the pay is good too.

When it comes to cons, consultants may have to do some early career sacrifices for being stable. They need to travel wherever needed and sometimes it can get exhausting. You need to be precise at the start. Another downside of this profession is that a consultant needs to learn how to perform under pressure. This profession demands you to be a team player, individuality is not always appreciated.

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