Driving Customer Experience

Driving customer experience with digital marketing

Driving Customer Experience
Driving Customer Experience

Digital Marketing has been the buzz word for quite some time now. It is a growth machine and anyone who gets his/her hands on it is a clear winner in the present era. With a myriad of digital channels to reach out to the audience currently in place, marketing can now be more targeted, measurable and interactive.

For a long time, digital marketing was only considered as a method of customer acquisition via lead generation. But with the entire world turning into a global village and the nature of customers becoming fluid, digital marketing has now evolved from mere customer acquisition to customer experience management. This is because now the customers don’t
base their loyalty on the product and price, they rather express their loyalty to the brands that offer a great customer experience.

As the world is on the cusp of a new decade, the focus of marketers around the world has shifted largely to their customers and the experience that can be offered to them. This trend was observed for the first time in a survey conducted by Adobe in 2014 where 20% marketers around the world recognized customer experience as the most important opportunity to capitalize upon. It was on similar lines with the Walker Study which said that by the year 2020, customer experience (CX) will reign over product and price in terms of being a key differentiator. And voila! The focus on CX has now increased manifolds.

In the present era of robust social networks, brands around the world connect with their customers in multiple ways right from their website to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Providing a great customer experience in such a scenario is important and challenging at the same time.

If we look at the brands like Amazon and Starbucks that totally thrive on providing an amazing customer experience to their loyal customers whilst increasing their customer base via digital marketing, there is a lot that we can take away. Let’s dive deep into the ocean of ways in such brands drive customer experience via digital marketing:

#1: Let your website offer a seamless experience

One of the channels of digital marketing is your brand’s website. It’s like a virtual store for your customers. Therefore, it is very important that your website is not only adaptable to various types of screens but also offers a seamless user experience. For instance- Amazon’s website is so fluid to use on all types of devices that with a few clicks or taps, you can find the product that you’re looking for.

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Also, understand that your customers time is gold for you! Ensuring your website’s loading time to a few seconds is utterly important. Statistics revealed by Amazon have indicated that “every 100 milliseconds of latency costs them 1% in sales”.

Source: Walker’s customer progress report 2020
Source: Walker’s customer progress report 2020

#2: Personalize your content

Your digital clients would continually lookout for newer experiences. It is for this reason that you should place your brand in the hearts of your customers. The best way to do it is by offering personalization.

Your top-funnel customers wouldn’t like it if they have to dig deeper into your website to find what they are looking for. This can corrode your relationship with the customer and he might switch to your competitor who is heavily investing in personalization. Similarly, do not get your valued customers exposed to information that is either geographically or contextually irrelevant to them. Get your hands on automated alternatives that can personalize your customers’ experience. Let Big data and advanced analytics do the job!

Another aspect of personalization is recommendation. According to an Accenture Report, “A customer is more likely to make the next purchase if they get an excellent experience in terms of their name, recommendation of products based on last purchase, products they are more likely to purchase.”

Source: Accenture Interactive Personalization Research

#3: Let the customer reviews pour in

“Reviews from your existing customers have 12x more power of bringing in new customers as compared to any marketing campaign”

says Hunter Montgomery, CMO, Community Management Services at HigherLogic.

Give your customers the liberty to add their reviews about your product or service on your social media platforms. It will only make your social network more robust and foster the audience’s trust.

#4: Engage in content marketing

There can be a gazillion micro-moments in your business that you’d want to share with your customers because they are your extended family after all! Let them feel the same by strategically designing and positioning your content so that it reaches the targeted customers. You can even share the launch of your new products or services or resolve their issues with the right content marketing. What’s more? You can even closely look at the analytics to understand what your audience prefers seeing so that your can amp up your content game next time. All of this adds to enhanced customer experience.

Customer is the center of all the marketing activities that a company chalks out and eventually implements. But what is a strategy if it doesn’t offer a heightened customer experience? Adopt the right approach of knowing what your customer wants and understand where you can intersect the delight of your customer. In the entire journey, the right digital marketing practices will help!

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Here’s a pro tip for you: When you set out to offer a seamless experience to your customer before you even try to tap into a newer set of audience, think about the ones that you currently have. Sort them first. This is what helped Nike in becoming a pioneer in its industry!

Author: Pragati Nagpal

Pragati is a first year PGDM student at TAPMI, Manipal. An avid reader and an enthusiastic writer, she loves to explore new avenues in Marketing and keep up with the latest trends.

If you have a story to share (CAT, Internship, Placement, Campus, etc.) or have some insights on any topics you can share your article with us on [email protected] & we will publish it.

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