How to reach customers post Covid-19?

2020 starts with a pandemic, this year is all about bodies and economic crisis. This infectious virus makes the whole world quiet and slow-witted. The containment/lockdown/quarantine defined our life as “digital-only way of life”. With all those life losses that a person is facing the country is facing twice. “Human + economic crises = 2020 (the year of sadness)”.

It’s important for businesses to connect with the customers regular through the only means left that is virtual. And it’s important to build a connection between the customer and the brand. The brands have to be in the eyes all the time to maintain their position in the market, as well as to give the experience to the customers what they are seeking.

COVID-19 brings the toughest time to the business and business must reconsider their way of advertisement, most importantly the safest way to be in touch with there audience

If you are a B2C company?

Your most important sponsor or interested party right now is your target audience (your customer). And what they are seeking nowadays is comfort, security and most importantly hygiene. So, the brands need a new customer experience.

The most important must-have in the minds of brands are: “how they would support their target audience in a more meaningful secure way?”

It’s not that only COVID is the reason for virtual life but before this pandemic also there are 75% of customers are preferred more automated machines compare to humans (PwC research). Virtual connecting, purchasing, distance is what becomes the need of this pandemic

This becomes the “new normal” nowadays. Trying out essential things without touching and see in person, the same in case of seeking advice related to the mental issue of health issue, without direct human contact.

  • Trust: is what customer wants these days they don’t want the coolest product and memorable marketing, they want: Trust, honesty and empathy to look after the brand. Are you selling goods or reaching out for them? does your brand behaviour look like you are helping them or you are caring? or just a business agenda?
  • Restaurants chains: as all retail organizations in China had been closed down due to coronavirus, individuals were wanting their typical solaces, including hot pot eating — generally a collective involvement with cafés. So an eatery network started conveying the elements for the esteemed supper to singular condos, with no physical contact, empowering individuals to have their solace food and developing its bond with clients.
Restaurants donate meal to COVID-19 workers

Remember that the effect of the moves you make today will most likely outlive the pandemic and characterize the reliability individuals have on your image and your items. So the messages you put out in the commercial centre must be grounded in the genuine encounter and needs of your clients. Also, those messages must be coordinated by your tenable capacity to convey on them. On the off chance that you can win clients’ trust thusly, you’ll assemble an association today and later on.

Digital Only-Way of Life

B2C business can connect customers in different channels:

  • Physical Connect (F2F)- not recommend at this time
  • Remote (Phones and e-mails): best way to connect
  • Digital (online sales and support): only way to be stable in this pandemic

You should be progressively human over those virtual channels, as well, since individuals can’t get that touch in different manners. So consider how you can implant human connections, be straightforward with your clients about what’s changed, and shock them with surprising, caring signals.

The good news is that more people are spending time online than ever before, and there are plenty of simple ways to reach your customers digitally without spending a dime.

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For instance, a client who contacts a call place (call-center) may be pleased to have the alternative of a video call with a genuine individual who’s likewise telecommuting and is happy to take as much time varying to address her inquiry. The video makes a human association, and the whole CX shows that the organization cares — it will organize the nature of the connection over call-volume effectiveness. This experience likewise shows that the organization is dealing with its representatives by empowering them to continue working — and to continue getting paid — from home.

Business is an artificial human too, it too can make mistakes: Organizations frequently talk about the significance of spryness and the need to “flop quick” so as to succeed. This is the ideal opportunity to place this idea energetically. In the event that you are being genuine and truly are attempting to support clients, they’ll understand. Also, truth be told, indicating that you’re human, much the same as them, will assist you with producing a bond with them.

Grab the opportunity: At the point when what happens next is anyone’s guess, you can feel free to test inventive new ways to deal with client care that you may have been too hazard disinclined to attempt previously. Consider offering your most steadfast clients the chance to pilot such projects as a method of extending your commitment with them. What’s more, consider what you can accomplish for your followers, when all is said in done. Some online food merchants, for example, have been attempting to organize conveyance to long-lasting clients.

Digitally Reaching the Audience

Google My Business Profile: My Business profile is the free listing facility for any business and it will appear in the Google Maps and the Google Local Search result. Because of exceptional hours, physical closings, and constrained travel, purchasers are performing significantly progressively “close to me”/ “near me” and “open now” look on Google during COVID-19. They’re additionally looking for explicit standards, for example, conveyance and online installment choices. That being stated, you should make the accompanying updates to your profile to keep contacting your crowd on Google:

  • Hours verification (permanently closed due to Covid-19)
  • modify description (especial COVID-19 offerings )
  • about the deliveries
  • Google Posts: you can publish feed on your Google My Business posting for “no money”. In any case, not at all like internet based life stages where clients are restful looking over, customers on Google are effectively looking for. GMB presents empower you to get your updates and exceptional proposals before buyers who are prepared to connect with, making this is an extraordinary method to reach and hold clients during COVID-19.

GMB helps to connect with your customers at time and answer their questions as we most probably say Q&A section.

Blog posts: The web is immersed right now with COVID-19 substance, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t in any case endeavour to appear on the principal page of a Google search. Try to target long-tail catchphrases/ keywords profoundly explicit to your speciality. For instance, a health trainer/ Gym promoter could compose a blog entry “At-home Lower Back Exercises” or “Keep away from Neck Pain While in Quarantine.” This substance costs nothing to make other than your time, which you may have a greater amount of now, at any rate.

the first result is of small PT business in Cambridge

Bonus Strategy: Google free shipping list On April 21, Google reported the rollout of free Shopping postings to all retailers to assist them with discovering more clients online in the wake of COVID-19. Check out it!

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Social media live videos (Facebook): in this lockdown live videos viewers increased to 50%There are numerous undeniable uses for this free Facebook showcasing highlight, for example, responding to COVID-19 client questions, giving applicable counsel, or driving an isolated exercise. In any case, recall additionally that Facebook Live recordings can be spared. With viewership at an unequalled high, this is a decent an ideal opportunity to run live meetings on your customary and evergreen themes, which you can repurpose down the line once the coronavirus has passed.

Giveaways: In case you’re open and conveying, it’s a smart thought to add some additional pleasure to your conveyances. It’s a far superior plan to add some puzzle to the blend. Similarly as with the Facebook model beneath, you could run a giveaway where all requests set inside a specific time span meet all requirements for a free treat—and one fortunate victor gets a gift voucher. Not exclusively would this be able to empower more crowd commitment, yet it will support their spirits, too.

Feel-good posts and feed: There’s plenty of COVID-19 posts via web-based networking media, however, that doesn’t mean you have to think of a groundbreaking post to stand apart to your crowd. A straightforward, sincere post with no expectation other than to wish your locale well can go far. All things considered, authenticity is genuineness.


Hashtags are a free but amazing approach to grow your online networking visibility.There are, obviously, many drifting COVID-19 hashtags circling around. Be that as it may, expansive Instagram hashtags like #COVID19 won’t give you much perceivability. The key is to utilize area and industry modifiers. For instance:

Rather than #COVID19, have a go at something like #covidfashion #covidpetsafety or #covidhomeschooling.

Rather than #wereinthistogether, have a go at something like #portlandstrong.

Some different thoughts for COVID-19 hashtags you can utilize or change for your business are:

DIY (think #diyhomedecor or #diyhaircut).

boredom busters athome (like #athomeworkout or #athomelearning).

quarantine edition quarantine (Including #quarantineparenting, #quarantinecrafts, #quarantinerecipes).

Captions: There are various purposes your COVID-19 Instagram posts can serve. Here are some composing rules for Instagram inscriptions to suitably arrive at your Instagram crowd:

  • While boosting confidence: Keep inscriptions light and not very explicit; everybody is encountering it in an unexpected way.
  • Offering wellbeing and security tips: Check subtitles for exactness.
  • Giving updates: mention links and tag the respected page so that the customer will understand better

Tweeter/Fb/IG Reviews: Some portion of Roger Smith Hotel’s Twitter technique is that of taking statements from positive client audits and making tweets out of them. They have proceeded with this strategy all through COVID-19, and I should state, it works. The tweets don’t request that you leave an audit or book a remain, yet the positive words and alluring pictures do leave you feeling quite great.

Together and Forever

We as a whole become progressively human when we’ve experienced torment, and we as a whole become all the more profoundly associated when we’ve endured together. Those passionate truths are additionally substantial with regards to connections among organizations and purchasers. In the event that we endure together but then help one another, those bonds will just reinforce over the long haul. They can even shape another reason for how brands and purchasers can interface later on.

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