9 Most desirable Jobs in the Finance Industry

Are you intrigued by the thought of pursuing a career in the Finance domain? Finance industry has several offerings to choose from be it beginners or people with adequate work experience, there is always something for everyone.

It is important to realise which field of work one is passionate about to build a long-lasting career in the perfect industry.

Here are some 9 most desirable jobs in the world of finance to help you choose which one fits your dream:

#1: Financial analyst

Financial Analysts are those who provide guidance in terms of making decisions about investments to businesses and individuals. They are the ones who assess the performance of different types of investments such as stocks and bonds.

Financial Analysts work in businesses like banks, insurance companies, pension funds and so on and oversee financial and accounting functionalities for a firm.

#2: Investor relations manager

If you are someone who possesses financial knowledge alongside strong communication skilled and organizational skills, you are perfect for the job. It is a common profile offered by publicly listed companies. Handling communication between a company’s corporate heads and its investors is one of the key responsibilities.

#3: Equity research analyst

Individuals interested in research and analysis of financial data, public records of companies and then use this data to analyse and determine the value of company’s stock to predict a financial picture for the company’s future, can find this job interesting. A high level of expertise is required to produce accurate projections and then recommend solutions.

#4: Corporate finance analyst

If you are someone who is interested in providing assistance with business expansion or help manage cash within a company, you will be fit for the job. Arranging funds for projects, conduct business activities with minimum costs, and allocate resources within a company, you will be thrilled to join as a corporate finance analyst.

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#5: Credit Analyst

A credit analyst is someone who evaluates the financial aspects of a client with respect to a prospect. The risks involved in offering financial aid to any corporate or individual is also assessed by them. Credit Analysts also check the legitimacy of the documents involved in the transaction.

#6: Commercial banker

Banking services are easily one of the most demanded services in the finance industry. Both in private and public sector, banks provide services to not only small and medium businesses but also big corporates.

#7: Public Accounting

You will get to enjoy the skills of book keeping with this role. A public accountant is one who is responsible for maintain the inflow and outflow records of a company. Accountants also suggest ways to decrease spend and increase revenue. They audit and apply their skills to show what investment decisions were sound.

#8: Portfolio Management

A portfolio is nothing but an overall status of investments that are made by a client or a firm from an outwards perspective. Decisions about investment policies within a company, allocation of resources along with discovering threats and opportunities within the industry will be a day to day task for a portfolio manager.

#9: Risk Management

Risk Management is all about being an excellent strategist to consult firms and individuals with an overview of the market and risks related to recognise a bad investment. Mathematical reasoning is one of the most important parts of the consultations to reason with the client.

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