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9 most wanted jobs for a computer science graduate

Tech Jobs
Tech Jobs

Technology is a boon to mankind. It is the most evolved resource that mankind has. It needs to be updated rigorously, as per the needs of mankind. Technology makes everything easy and quick, let it be IT sector, telecommunications, bioinformatics, health and medication, entertainment, or education sector. It’s simply a mother resource to this growing world.

There are people who develop this resource and turns it into a mother resource. They are the most creative minds behind the technology we use. For all the techies, a degree in Computer Science is the mother of all degrees in the science field. They have the most extensive scope in global market. They are key workers when it comes to technical grounds. They are almost everywhere, their job is to make technology more vivid. They keep on developing technology, making it more accessible and reliable. They ensure safety and security making it more acceptable.

These wizards are everywhere from IT sector to finance, from health informatics to education making our lives more easy.

Here are 9 most wanted jobs for a computer science graduate

#1: Software Developers

These are the professionals who develop software. They keep on developing the software,for example, the software for Amazon is a shopping software which needs to be modified with every blossoming need. If you are using designing software, these developers keep on modifying the tools, giving us better options, for example, AutoCAD, Fusion360, Credo, etc.

#2: Software Engineers

Software engineers are responsible for creating system architecture. They usually understand and devise algorithms for a particular software. They work to create a user friendly software. They are meant to use software documentation tools and ensure an error free syntax while creating a software. Example, if you are using Microsoft word, you can add text, images, charts, etc, to it. You can only use these functions if the software is able to, software needs an architecture for performing all the tasks a word document performs. This architecture is created by these engineers.

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#3: Database Administrator(DBA)

A database administrator is a person or a group of people who have an overview of more than one database. They are responsible for designing and controlling databases. They create users for a particular user and grants them access to it. They are responsible for designing the physical database.

#4: Web developer

In this, the professionals develop a particular website as per the need and demands of its users. They keep an eye on their functioning and resolves the issues when needed.

#5: Web designers

Web designer, the word itself states that in this professionals are involved in the designing of the website. They take care of the feel or the first look of the website. They ensure the appearance of any website.

#6: System Architect

These are professionals who are responsible for analyzing and recommending the right combination of IT components with a team, department for achieving desired business goals. They are also responsible for planning the strategy of the computer system with a particular network.

#7: Network Engineers

A network engineer is meant to establish, develop, and maintain the network. This network can be established within an organization or they can be established between different organizations. They are meant to offer support the users of the network (e.g. staffs, customers, clients, suppliers, etc). They are responsible for troubleshooting any issue with the network

#8: Data Scientist

Data Scientists are those professionals who give solutions to the problems using data. They manage and interpret data and solve complex problems using data. For being a Data Scientist, one needs a combination of mathematics, statistics, analytics, and computer science modeling.

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#9: System Analyst

A system Analyst takes care of computer system requirements by simply analyzing and defining problems. They are also responsible for finding suitable solutions by designing and testing the changes in the system. They also acts as a mediator between clients.

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