How to up skill yourself to deal with upcoming automation surge:

In these uncertain times, all of us need to make our minds and accept that any career path will be that of lifelong learning. The question is, how do you keep up with the rampant advancement in technology which has been accelerated to a higher strength because of the pandemic.

Sharpening your skills and even considering re-skilling would be a good option to start with.

The fourth Industrial Revolution has been ongoing but with everything going on in the world, the human requirements will circuit. For those already on the workforce or even the ones looking forward to join an industry, the thing to ask is – what skills are needed to keep with the drift in the economy?

But how will you create your value in the increasingly technical and automated world?


The intuitive agility associated with creative thinking cannot be apprehend by the world of automation. Yes, artificial intelligence will help out with implementation of ideas, but the driving force in the creation of those ideas will be you. Improvisation with the circumstances and taking into account miscellaneous factors has not yet been excelled by machine learning. Work on creative thinking and idea generation which can easily be attractive to recruiters.

Work on complex problem solving

It is known that AI can help in problem solving at a much faster pace within stipulated time, which is not possible for the average human brain. But what about problems that arise out of extraordinary instances? Have a look at the ongoing pandemic, it would not have been possible without human intervention to improvise and make do with the necessary instruments if it were for AI.

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Up skill yourself

In any given industry, it is mostly humans who are in charge of automated instruments. Even though there are software to help accountants, there are still accountants who supervise and handle these software. Possessing skills in software fields of your choice, such as Python, cloud computing and so on, to become apt in handling the nuances of the business.

Keep up with the trends of the future

It is very important that you realise adaptability is the key in the given time. You should be quick and prompt in keeping up with the ongoing trends. If you’re someone who is still stuck with using outdated software, it is you and your business that will lose out in the future.

Keeping up with the trends improving your critical thinking as well as decision making will fetch you good results in the long run

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