What Impact will 5G have on your life:

What Impact will 5G have on your life?

Remember the days when one video took ages to download? Or the time when video calls with pixelated quality was normal? Seems ages ago. Things are about to change for the better with the onset of 5G network.

Can you imagine being able to download a full movie within seconds! 5G will grant this wish.

5G has been on the news as a hot topic for several months now, even social media has been buzzing with this piece. Several tech companies are working towards introducing 5G network first to attract the first mover advantage. The profits of having developed this technology first is going to be huge, and companies know it.

But what makes 5G so fast for it to be capable of downloading a full movie within the blink of an eye? For better understanding one needs to look at the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things or IoT, is the ability for devices to connect and interact with each other.

Check out what is 5G: View Infographic

The transition from the high tech science movies that we are used to seeing can become a reality with the Internet of Things.

The fifth generation of wireless network, or 5G network, has been in the making for almost a decade. It is only in the recent years that the development has seen a breakthrough.

The thought of implementing this technology in the world is not a distant dream now.

In 2012, the number of IP addresses that are usable jumped from 3 billion to 340 sextillions. This was a major breakthrough in terms of increase in the number. Basically, everything from building to billboards to cars will be connected through wireless transfer. Now, that the instruments are there, all we need is roads to connect them. For the devices to connect and interact easily, without interruptions, 5G is sorted.

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Interestingly, 5G reduces the time in latency, which is nothing but the delay between a device send a signal and the other device receiving it. This dramatic decrease will allow devices to connect and interact almost instantaneously. The benefit of this can be reaped not only by common people in being able to easily download and upload but also industries which use data for connectivity. For instance, autonomous vehicles, through this kind of connectivity will be able to interact not only with other autonomous vehicles but also the roads and the infrastructure around it.

5G will allow surgeons to operate using wireless connectivity using smart equipment and even diagnose patients remotely.

5G will definitely change our lives for the better and the world will reach a different altitude in terms of technology.

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