Entrepreneurship: A Work in Progress

While growing up, I always heard that being an entrepreneur is very difficult. A twelve letter word to describe a different lifestyle that holds the power to completely overhaul a person’s believes. People talk about the type of skills, dedication, and commitment that is required in getting your start-up off the ground and while all that might be true, people forget what the essence of that twelve letter word is, and that is problem-solving.

I believe there is an entrepreneur in all of us. If you drive to work every day and figure out a new route which helps save you time and gas money, you are an entrepreneur; if you are a lazy student who is able to yourself out of bed and get to class in record time, you my friend are an entrepreneur and one of my favorite kind.

I consider myself fortunate enough to be brought up in Dubai, a diverse city where cultures come to mix, and the words “no possible” don’t really exist in people’s minds. My entrepreneur journey started at a very early age when I started to take interest in the day to day operations of my dad’s business. Once I got to university I joined various clubs, one of them being Fitspiration, a fitness and health club that promoted and organized different sporting events at campus throughout the year which helped develop my soft skills such as networking, planning, and negotiating which helped build my confidence and made me realize that I do also have a creative side.

Right after graduation, I joined the corporate world and its safe to say, I didn’t really enjoy it. Sitting behind a desk all day and looking at an excel sheet while not talking about any new and creative ideas made me want to quit the next day. It is then when I actually decided to make a shift and start something of my own and I believe it is this shift in my attitude and thinking that took me on this new path towards this new venture. The funding, development, and customer acquisition then followed with a lot of persistence.

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My advice to other young professionals and graduate just like me is that we are at a stage in life where we don’t have too many responsibilities and we can actually spend a few months or even a few years trying to do something different and please move ahead with an open mind and before you actually commit to your career plans please take a chance and try something new in a field different than yours, you never know what else you might actually find interesting!

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