Depression And The Stigma Attached

We have heard about the proverb, “health is wealth”, it states that wealth only matters if you have health. Staying fit and healthy is a way to lead a happy and prosperous life. Health is not only physical but also mental.

We maintain our physical health by work out, gym and various other physical pursuits, regular body check-ups, etc. Similarly, we need to keep our mental health in check as well. It is an important aspect of our growth.

Everyone amongst us stays on a continuum. When a person steps up on this continuum, he feels contented, thriving, fulfilled, which are symbols of a healthy mind. When a person steps lower from the continuum, he feels depressed, anxious which shows that he is ill mentally.

Saddness, fear, anger, frustration, tiredness are emotions of any normal being, but if they are getting severe it needs to be checked. This illness affects our career, personal life and social life. It draws us apart from our near & dear ones. It stigmatizes us and prevents us from seeking help.

Nobody chooses to be mentally sick; it is because of some past memories. This past memory can be anything like losing a close person, suffering extreme trauma, suffering the worst situations, some scary incidents. This person may overcome those situations or incidents but their subconscious can’t completely which leads to depression, anxiety, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, social phobia, schizophrenia, postnatal depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder.

They can’t be cured completely but they can live with it peacefully. There are effective treatments to help one overcome their mental illness with a number of clinics developed only for curing mental health. There are myths related to mental hospitals, they are not the close dark rooms with one window, they are just like any other hospitals, bright with a healthy environment. This is nothing like most of the movies pull up in front of us.

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A little awareness can overcome and help overcome stigma.

We should be aware of our mental illness not ashamed. People facing mental trauma, aren’t the one choosing it by themselves. It’s a phase in their life, where they are suffering alone and battling the stigma. In this situation, they are not able to speak up about their health openly. This known as stigma. This stigma does not let the person speak up to anyone and makes them feel like a recluse. This makes them more depressed and drags them in an even darker space, eventually leading to suicidal thoughts or even forcing them to commit suicide.

This image clearly depicts what depression feels like

At this time, they need someone close to them, who can understand them, help them to open up and to seek help if severe. All of the people should be aware of this illness, so they could understand situations better. By spreading a little awareness one can save thousands of lives, who dies or commits suicides.

People should be aware of the words they use around people who are suffering from mental illness. Calling them insane, crazy, dumb, nutcase, disabled just harms them more and pushes them towards the darkness even more. Using such words or treating them badly can even lead to suicidal thoughts to them. We should help them overcome their stigma and help them to be open and free to discuss their illness.

Being strong mentally!

Being mentally strong helps you overcome the most difficult times. We know that not everyone is born mentally strong but they are forced to be when they face tough situations and overcome them. Overcoming difficult times gives you a little strength to face the world bravely.

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Here are some destructive beliefs which you should conquer for overcoming depression:

  • Avoid unhealthy thoughts about self: Self-pitying and magnifying our problems is a sign of poor mental step. Every time thinking about why you have all the misfortune with you? Thinking why does it happen with you only? These are the types of thoughts towards the first step towards depression
  • Having unhealthy thoughts about others: when you don’t like someone but have to submit them causes bad thoughts to occur in your mind. We should not vest our power to them, when we say,’ I hate her’, we are vesting our power to her. We should know that the person is not the worst person in the world, though we hate them.
  • Avoiding unhealthy thoughts world: we should not think that the world owes us, though you have worked hard enough. But expecting but not getting depresses us.
  • By changing few small habits, we can make our mental health stable. Scrolling through Facebook for five seconds is not bad, but envying your friend is a source of your depression. It was stated in a current study, that scrolling Facebook and envying someone causes depression. You can’t have everything your friend has, you can avoid it by distracting yourselves. But distraction is temporary, if you want to cure it better face them. You should compare yourself only with you.
  • Give up your bad mental health, for being mentally strong.
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