Does Nepotism Assure Success?

“AB RAJA KA BETA RAJA NAHI BANEGA….RAJA WAHI BANEGA JO HAQDAR HOGA!” This is a famous dialogue of Hrithik Roshan’s movie Super 30. Ironically, Hrithik himself is a son of a successful actor, director, and producer Rakesh Roshan. There has been a hot debate over Nepotism in Bollywood, actor/actress outside the Bollywood find it very difficult to compete owing undue advantage given to Star kids. This blog will try put few arguments in this brewing debate!

Rahul Gandhi, arguably flag bearer of Nepotism, had commented – “Dynastic politics is a problem in all political parties. Akhilesh Yadav, Stalin – son of M Karunanidhi, Abhishek Bachchan – son of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan are all examples of dynastic legacy, also Mukesh and Anil Ambani – son of Dhirubhai Ambani, that’s how the entire country is running.”.  Although Rahul was trying to defend his position in Congress Party, he was right that Nepotism has become an integral part of our society. The argument in favour of Nepotism could be – “Every family wants to support their kids, if someone’s parents are successful it is not kid’s fault”. Of-course, parents have right to support their off-springs but to what extent or means? Becomes key questions?

What is Nepotism?

Cambridge dictionary defines Nepotism as – “the act of using your power or influence to get good jobs or unfair advantages for members of your own family”. Nepotism undermines the efficiency of the system, “The choice of relatives, who does not possess the necessary qualities, creates the opinion and give the impression of classic nepotism and harmful to the organization and the economy in general”. Thus, Nepotism might yield to unfavourable results and system has to pay the cost for the same. When a business-family follow Nepotism, the cost is borne by family it-self, similarly when a production house or So-called gang tries to follow Nepotism, it has to pay the cost of the same.

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Harsha Bhogle (IIM A Speech) “excellence not about talent alone in fact a major part of excellence has nothing to do with talent. and in course of time once you go beyond a certain level. ability or talent is the most useless virtue to possess”. Bhogle regularly argues that generally talent opens the first door, maybe second but to be successful, a person needs far more than just talent. Nepotism in Bollywood has a similar virtue. Family background, having a Godfather, connection with producers/directors might give actor, his first break, but that does not guarantee long term success.

Bollywood is a profitable and very successful industry. It has its own ways to reward acting skills and hard work. There is no doubt that Star kids get preference and launched with a lot fan fare but at the same time we can find numerous examples when son/daughter of star eventually quits industry, simply because he/she failed to impress public with their acting. Each acting professional has to earn public’s support on his merit. Thus, Nepotism does not assure success!

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