How Businesses are keeping up with their Social Media Marketing during Covid19:

Novel Corona Virus has had an impact on the lives of everyone afoot on this planet, directly or indirectly. It has wounded several industries and businesses to a point where there is no going back. It is crucial for businesses to improvise their strategies based on digital marketing to keep up with the changing times.

Social media marketing, which is promoting a business using social media platforms and websites, has also been deeply affected. It is one of the major assets of digital marketing and it is important to keep strategizing and developing new solutions to problems.

Companies have made vast changes in the methodology of using these techniques and it is becoming more and more clear as to why they did it.

Suddenly the audience for social media has seen an all time high, since even those individuals who did not participate in any social media platform have started using them. People are now using social media to connect to fellow humans when they can’t meet their friends and relatives personally.

Social media has become the forefront bearer of news and live updates instead to classic television programs. People are readily indulging in app based platforms to seek refuge.

Companies have been prompt in addressing these changes and there are some major ones which have come to light.

The content for social media platforms has kept in mind the focus on Covid19 and the posts address this issue directly. People are following channels providing accurate information about the disease and businesses have kept that into consideration. To gain popularity, they are curating content which is informative and spreads a note of positivity to attract audience.

The tone of such posts has become much more optimistic and positive instead of the usual to relieve the audience of the feeling of doomsday. This helps the customers associate a brand with good and trustworthy.

For instance, Netflix has launched an Instagram weekly LIVE series called Wanna Talk about it? This series is forced on informing people about how to take care of themselves in the pandemic in a Q&A pattern. Mental health is important to maintain, and the company is using associations with celebrities and mental health practitioners to involve customers and induce a connection with the brand.

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The focus has also shifted from carefully designed marketing content to user generated content to portray a sense of belongingness in the community and influence people. This is not only helping companies to keep up with the surge in demand for digital content through videos or articles, but also helping them financially. The businesses are distressed because of low consumption of goods and services, and user generated content assures zero investment in the session of budget cuts. Major companies are leveraging user generated content when there is a shortage of budget.

This is an example of quickly adapting to new ways of keeping content on social media up and running.

Social media is thriving like no other time and it is important to look at this opportunity as a milestone to reach for the best outcome after the dust on the pandemic settles.

During all of this, businesses have made sure to stay in touch with their customers to tighten the bond between them. The long-term effects of novel corona virus are unknown, and companies are using this time to effectively create a lasting effect about their brand on the minds of the customer. Several companies are providing free content to customers to promote their product or service.

HBO has given free access to original series, movies and documentaries to increase consumption pattern. Without much to do, people are looking forward to such open access content for entertainment purposes. This will form a backbone to the following of HBO in the future since this is no short of a free trial for its service.

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Even infotainment companies like National Geographic have launched free programs. Nat Geo has launched its free home school hub which is a family-friendly and fun for all kind of educational content.

Such tricks help the companies create a brand recognition and keeps the customers engaged with a brand.

Some companies are even taking their branding on social media to another notch by donations and other charitable work.

For instance, Ferrari posted a pledge of 10 million euros to purchasing the highly demanded medical equipment.

Commitment towards the world induces compassion from people which in turn makes them more enduring towards the brand.

Each and every company is playing its role in increasing income and shortening spend even when the demands are at an all time low. These social media strategies have a major role to play in deciding the future of consumption for businesses.

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