Psychological Impact Of Covid-19 On Students

Everyone all around the world suffered the wrath of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. The major step taken to prevent this chain from further spreading was lockdown with context to social distancing. It was a sudden move taken by the Government of India, in order to protect their citizens. It resulted in an immediate shut down of schools, colleges, workplaces, markets, etc. This bold move made everyone to stay at homes, which resulted in a trend namely, ‘Work from home’. Though lockdown had an enormous effect on India’s GDP and economy, people supported the order passed by the law efficiently.

But the major sufferers in this lockdown were the people whose lives depended on their daily or monthly hardships. Yes, we are describing the work force of India here, which includes middle class families, lower class families, etc. Apart from these major sufferers, there was a class or category of people in India, who were also straddled in this lockdown. This part of the people is known as ‘youth’. Also known as generation ‘Y’, this force consists mainly of college students, university pass-outs, teenagers, fresher and rookies, etc.

Counselling helps with mental stress

Staying at home at an early stage of lockdown was a blessing, but as time passed by, staying all alone started taking a toll on everybody’s physical and mental health. As all, the activities regarding the education were turned online, it had different types of effects on students at every level. Given that all the activities were online, it created physical as well as mental exhaustion. The students were not accustomed to the online learning system, which created stress on these young minds. It created panic among the students regarding the changing pattern and grading system. It was difficult for the students to submit their assignments, lab works, projects and other curricular activities.

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As the students were used to hands-on experience to everything they learnt in schools, which is a traditional system. This online system was an entirely new system for students, everybody was not able to cope up with the syllabus using this new method. Apart from study, children also had a psychological impact on their young minds. As their creativity, which is usually seen in playgrounds, classrooms were locked in the rooms.

Social media promotes cyber-crimes and false image

Young college going students, who are considered as the most social animals in today’s age was also locked up alone. This gave a blow to social media. Every youngster started staying up online for longer than the previous routine which lead to cyber-crimes like cyber-bullying, trolling, etc. that harmed anyone’s psychological health. It led to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. Lockdown played a booster, in separating people which made them alone and disgusted.

We know the hazard created by corona virus; it created a fear amongst society leading to depression. Watching news all day, overloads the brain and creates a social fear. It is important to stay informed rather than overloading your brains with extra burden. This leads to growing anxiety.

“It is always better to speak up rather than giving up!!”

Here are some tips on how to avoid mental pressure

  • Start your day well, with mindfulness.
  • Get everything planned, this keeps you busy and schedule yourself properly.
  • Sleep early, wake up early or better take proper sleep.
  • You should stay informed not overloaded with news.
  • Talk to friends, family and relatives.
  • Get yourself to exercise, starting with light ones.
  • Box breathing: you have to breathe in till the count of 4 and hold till the count of 4 and then release the breathe to the count of 4. Repeat the step. This helps to calm your mind when you feel your anxiety developing.
  • Meditation is a booster in avoiding mental trauma.
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