I will get back to you

The usual response from HR “I will get back to you”

I will get back to you
I will get back to you

My typical story as Recruiter

I will get back to you. I did not get back. I made a bad experience for you as a candidate. This bad experience is accumulating for many people because for selecting one employee, I process a minimum of 5 candidates.

Now, there is a hit on employer branding as remaining 4 non fit candidates will not think good about my company. Next time, candidates may choose not to apply to my company, may drop in between, may not join despite accepting offers as they will prefer other brands with more reputation or stick to their current companies.

To overcome such situations, I have to screen or interview more numbers of candidates and this will result in increasing my cost of hiring. Salary Increments which I usually offer to candidates, also goes up to attract candidates to join my company.

I started with noble intentions to offer jobs to deserving candidates. I ended up increasing the cost of my organization and a few dents here and there in reputation.

My Rational

I receive 100 emails in a day. I need to screen, schedule, update and track. It’s a tedious task. I choose to focus on positive outcomes as the emphasis is on right fit at the right time. Hence, I get back to only those who are moving ahead in the pipeline in the journey of candidates to becoming employees. I presume, candidates should simply understand that no communication is, not moving ahead.

My Learning

  • Awareness about my actions on what I do and what I do not do.
  • Invest in HRTech, which should support me to communicate effectively and update stakeholders via call, text or email.
  • Candidate experience is as important as employee experience.
  • Effective communication can help in building positive relationships and decrease hiring cost.
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