Corporate Training

Will corporate education return to classroom training?

Corporate Training
Corporate Training

COVID-19 has suddenly brought the biggest reason to shift online i.e the need for speed and scale. The impact of the Covid-19 on business and corporate learning and development is too great to be ignored. Social distancing has made the leaders search for alternatives to face to face classroom training. 

Here, we would like to state that, as compared to the other countries, it has been a scratch start for the majority of companies to start online training in India. In other countries if you compare, they were always in favour of work from home. Other nations were already very much equipped with technological advancement in areas like training and development, since they have been practicing it, since their school days. 

It is very crucial to understand and, we believe it is a very constructive start to be applicable to the system of doing everything online. It is cost saving and energy efficient both for the company and the workers. 

Let’s discuss some advantages of the virtual workplace

  • Cost saving 
  • Time efficient
  • Energy saving 
  • Less stress and more productive results 
  • More interactive and joyful

Whether, it is the educational certifications, corporate training, or virtual meetings, etc virtual workplace turns out to be the most comforting and profitable aspect for the companies. This has enabled work from home, where the companies are saving on transport costs, electricity, food, and premises, etc. It seems to be the best way to cut down on cost, where there are no sacrifices to make, provided the company and the employers are equipped with quality systems & infrastructure. 

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Challenges which are yet to be solved

The key challenge is to maintain the quality of virtual training and this is because we have not been practicing this. Also it is something new for India to adopt. However, it is not very difficult but there are some problematic areas that need to be addressed on brisk bases, which are: 

  1. Security of the training sessions
  2. Security of the data shared to the employees,
  3. Company confidentiality etc.

We have mentioned a few, there are more to this which can be handled by IT & security experts.  I am sure by the next 3-4 months the companies would be able to successfully conduct sessions and would prefer to continue with the same system even after this Pandemic comes to an end.


Unfortunately, this pandemic has done things that we would have adopted earlier but we are doing now. It’s never late to start with a thing which would give a head start for the generations to come. 

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