Webinar Consulting Ashish Rana

FREE Webinar: Business Consulting Roles & Opportunities post Covid-19

Webinar Consulting Ashish Rana
Free Webinar Consulting | Speaker – Ashish Rana

Most people think consulting is about foraying into a world of infinite presentations and giving constant advice. Contrary to this belief, consulting is more about understanding a problem than providing a solution. If someone does not understand your problem statement, then that person is probably not the right consultant for you. It’s that simple.

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Knowing what your client needs and working with them to solve that problem with the help of your experience and skill set is what the reality of consulting truly is.

Consulting is definitely the buzzword in the corporate space and certainly the most sought after job role by any candidate across all age groups. However, what makes consulting worth the hype?

Join us this Sunday, 14Th June for an exclusive FREE webinar with Ashish Rana; Microsoft CE Consultant at Hitachi Solutions America. He will be providing us a deep dive experience into the landscape of consulting with a detailed discussion on the topic ‘ Business Consulting Roles & Opportunities post Covid-19’.

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