Webinar Summary: Entrepreneurship-Expectations vs Reality

Roads2Future successfully conducted its 1st webinar of The Nexus Series. The topic discussed was, ‘Entrepreneurship: Expectations vs Reality”. The featured speaker in the webinar was Ujjawal Sharma, Founder of Red-Letter Holidays.

The speaker began the webinar with an introduction to her company and how Red-Letter holidays was formed. She provided us with a birds-eye view of her journey. She spoke about her early days right from the beginning when she decided to leave her job to how she is currently facing the COVID-19 scenario as a young entrepreneur in the tourism industry.

There were three key tips mentioned by her in the session that were noteworthy. The first being the art of patience. How it is extremely important to be persistent and hang in there. The second tip was about keeping negativity away from your life even if it comes from your inner circle. The third and definitely the advice of the hour; to keep yourself productively occupied at all times. Your work will define your future.

Lastly, the speaker also spoke about how the name Red-letter Holidays actually came about and answered numerous queries raised during the session. Some of the key questions that were discussed during the session included, how an entrepreneur such as herself has to deal with tough clients who don’t really value your business and there is a mismatch between what your business does and what they require. This question was received with a prompt and practical response from the speaker with an example of such scenarios of tough clients that she had personally dealt with, in her company.

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Another question was about how one should find a mentor or a guide before venturing into the field of entrepreneurship. The answer to this was quite a useful tip for everyone that can be implemented in all facets of our professional life. Her simple answer was, ‘talk to people’, ‘listen to them’ and ‘focus on yourself and your journey’.

With this, the webinar came to an insightful close with plenty of takeaways for all our attendees. Indeed, sometimes listening to someone else’s journey can provide you with answers to questions that you didn’t know you wanted to ask.

We, at Roads2Future, are grateful for the opportunity to interact with her and hope to continue delivering such webinars throughout ‘Nexus’ in the month of June.

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