25 Must Reads for MBA Aspirants

25 Must Reads Books
25 Must Reads Books

In today’s fast-growing global market, every student who aspires to be a Business associate goes to a B-school and the most pursued course in today’s business world is MBA.

But everything you need to be an entrepreneur is not taught in any of the business school. There are some things that require self adaptation. Every human on this earth is different and has different techniques on how they adapt. Some people learn through observation, some through gaining all the possible knowledge, and some through actual practice. When it comes to knowledge, books are the best medium to gain knowledge. These books are the keys to the world where you might have never been, but worth visiting. They give you a chance to travel all around the world by simply flipping pages. 

Books share the best to the worst experience of those who are successful enough in their respective genre. They also play a key role in keeping you constrained and motivated towards your aims and aspirations. As per the famous book Chanakyaniti, as said by Chanakya- One should always learn from other’s mistakes as our life would be to short for gaining the entire knowledge of this world. And, when it comes to business, one should always learn from other’s work that’s where books become our mentor.

So, here is the list of 25 books which are the ‘Must-Read’ for an MBA Aspirants:

  1. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
  2. Purple Cow
  3. The Innovator’s Dilemma
  4. How to Win Friends and Influence People
  5. Outliers- The Story of Success
  6. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  7. The Fortune at the Bottom of Pyramids
  8. Hard Things About Hard Things
  9. Good to Great
  10. Thinking, Fast and Slow.
  11. Zero to One
  12. Connect The Dots
  13. I do What I do
  14. The Partnership : the making of Gold Man Sacks.
  15. The Art of Innovation.
  16. Delivering Happiness: a path to profits, passion and purpose
  17. Give and Take: why helping other drives our success
  18. Intelligent investor
  19. The Walmart Effect
  20. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  21. Snapshots From Hell: the making of an MBA
  22. For god’s sake
  23. You only B- school once
  24. Great By Choice: Uncertainity, chaos, and luck -why some thrive them all
  25. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
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