Courses After Graduation In Commerce

Since a lot of students are confused about what course to do after graduation only graduation doesn’t give you an extra point over the crowd. to stand out, it is important to do a specialization in your interested field so that you can secure a successful career in the future. Multiple programs are thoughtfully designed for working professionals they are structured and scheduled to allow for a fulfilling work life and study balance.

Depending on the depth and skill, students have an option to choose from specialization within the professional programs. So, we will be discussing available career options that you might consider for a stable career and more job opportunities in the future. 

  1. B.Com. Accounting & Taxation

Students who wish to make a career in banking and insurance should take up B.Com. Accounting and Taxation. The course curriculum includes the Indian tax system, financial accounting, value-added tax, and central tax procedure, financial accounting, principles of management, and business communication.

  1. B.Com. Statistics 

B.Com. statistics opens so many various avenues in economic research and analytics, civil services, data analytics, education, consulting, and government organizations are some of the popular career options in this filed. course include the study of applied information Economics, applied statistics, business statistics .data analysis, demography, etc.

  1. Business Management Accounting & International Finance

It is a good option to choose after graduation level and one wishes to pursue international business at master’s level. the course provides exposure to international business and US CMA (Certified management accountant) 

  1. B.Com. Banking & Finance 

This course covers all the aspects of the BFSI industry such as Banking, banking law, insurance, law, insurance risk, and insurance regulations, accounting, etc. After a degree in BCom banking &finance, one can opt for careers such as auditors, analysts, equity managers, wealth managers, account managers, stockbrokers market analysts, etc.

  1. CA/CS Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary.
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A Certified Chartered Accountant can kickstart his career immediately in financial institutions like banks, MNCs, government, etc at a very top position.

CA does not have to wait for finding the right kind of job.

CS – the company secretary ensures that an organization complies with relevant legislation and regulations, keep board members informed of their legal responsibilities. company secretaries are the company’s named representative on legal documents and it is their responsibility to ensure that the company and its directors operate within the law.

  1. Investment Consultant

Doing this is to advise clients on investment strategies depending upon their needs and long-term goals. investment consultants also have to create quarterly and annual performance reports to create quarterly and annual performance reports to monitor clients’ investment.

These are some of the subject choices from which you can choose as per your interest. it is advised to research in your interested field and then pursue the certification. it is important to have an insight into the career and complete knowledge so that your tendency to give up is less in the future. at the same time, it is important to be patient and keep yourself updated with the changing demand in the market.

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