Highly Paid Jobs In Commerce

What is Commerce?

Commerce is an act or activity of buying and selling especially on a large scale. The entire business world lives and breathes in profit. There are people in the market, making profits and helping this huge business world survive.

Behind the successful market history, there are clever and the most practical minds, who excel in money-making skills. Majority of people think that commerce is for people who can’t get admission in the science field or they don’t have an active cell for grasping theory so arts is not an option for them. But, this myth needs to be cleared. Commerce is not just an option to be opted when you don’t want to go for science or arts field. It is an equally challenging subject.

This subject is full of knowledge, just one needs to have the curiosity to dive deeper in it. It is not just about theory, but practical experience. Learning theories can’t be avoided, though it is more experience-oriented subject. The theory is the part and parcel of this subject, just like any other subject has.

Commerce is an important component of business

If you are business-minded individual or want to be an entrepreneur then commerce is a great choice for you. The subject generally has business-related like accounting, economics, etc. People opting for commerce should have an understanding of the market, as it is a bonus to your career. Even if you don’t have that great experience with the market, it can be learnt effectively and thus can be progressed further. This field also has a great career scope like one can be a C.A or C.S. You can also choose to be a CWA, MBA professional, Investment Banker, CFA, CPA or an actuary after B.Com. This field has highly paid jobs, just like any other field has. One just needs the motivation to take this challenging course with a challenge to achieve the best in it.

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The highest paid jobs in today’s Commerce world are

C.A (Chartered Accountant)

A chartered accountant is a person required in every sector, let it be IT firms or government sector. They are most efficient people with great accounting skills.

Their main job responsibilities include-

  • Give financial advice to clients.
  • Maintain a healthy business transaction.
  • Manage financial systems and budgets.
  • Prepare and maintain the account records and management information for any business.

Their salary starts at 6-7 LPA. It further increases with growing experience.

C.S. (Company Secretary)

A company secretary is responsible for efficient administration of the company. Although the name suggests a secretarial job, it is not so.

Job Responsibilities of a CS

The company secretary ensures the company follows it’s relative legislation and regulation. He/She keeps the board member informed about their legal duties.

The salary of this profession increases effectively with experience. The average salary of a company secretary is 6-7 LPA

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for promoting and branding of a product. They are hired for attracting more customers to a company as they are creative minds behind any company’s promotion and branding. They are responsible for spreading awareness about the product their company sell.

Their salary starts at around 5-7 LPA and goes as high as 22 LPA for big firms.

Investment Banker

What an Investment Banker does

An investment banker plays a key role in raising their client’s capital in the market. A good investment banker gives all the information to their clients giving them better idea and knowledge of investing. They are also responsible for establishing better connections between their old and new clients of the company, in order to make greater profits.

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Their salary can go up to 26 LPA.

H.R. Manager

An H.R manager is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the administrative part of the company. They are the people who oversee recruiting new staffs, interview them. They lead the hiring process. and serve as a connection between the organization and its employee.

Their salary ranges between 6-15 LPA.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

In this job, the professional has to make decisions about the companies, stocks and industries for the money making. They play a key role in financial analysis as they evaluate the historical and present data and give better decisions towards the company. They are responsible for researching and tracking the financial position of the company.

Their salary can be as high as 12 LPA, as per current reports.

CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

A certified financial planner is a person who has his /her expertise in financial planning, investments, taxation, retirement planning, estate planning. This a new field spreading quickly in the market.

It has starting salary of 7-9 LPA. It is necessary to have experience of at least 3 years as a full-time working professional.


Why Actuarial Science

They are responsible for analyzing the financial costs of risk and uncertainties. Actuarial Professionals are important employees in an insurance company. They use the knowledge of mathematics and statistics and financial theories to asses the risk of any event.

Their salary ranges anywhere from 10 to 14 LPA.

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