5 Step Guide to an Updated Resume

5 Step Guide to an Updated Resume

Why is it important to keep updating your resume from time to time?

In the limited amount of space that a sheet of paper offers, you have to increase its value by bejewelling it with your skills and accomplishments. Recruiters don’t read any resume to the dot, that is why your resume should be thorough and up to date with your achievements. It should include the most relevant and strongest points you have.

Step #1: Summary and Goals

Your Resume Objective Statement or Summary is the part of your resume which provides an insight into what are the areas that you currently excel in, or are looking forward to do better in.

A brief summary that is inclusive of your achievements pertaining to the field of work you want to pursue is much more insightful than your previous job or internship. It is important that you keep updating this so as to fit as the perfect candidate for the job.

Objectives are for fresh graduates who are wishful of gaining experience and have limited work experience.

Step #2: Educational Accomplishments

Your Academic section should be upgraded regularly with the most recent education attained by you. These encompass the licenses, certifications, degrees and so on along with the name of the institution. If there is a particular skill that you have gained from these courses which makes you a good hire, you can also write a brief note suggesting what the course taught you and why is it an important skill for the job.

Step #3: History of your professional journey

Every increment in the professional ladder must be thoroughly mentioned in your resume along with the skills you gained from the post. Every promotion, job title, roles and responsibilities are opportunities because it might seem small at the start but might turn out to be the reason you get hired.

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Step #4: Extracurricular Achievements

Do not forget to mention the new software you learnt how to use which will benefit you work and the organisation, or the certificate you won for being an excellent former employee. These are the extra credits of your resume which will make it stand apart. Qualities like these are not explicitly inherent in every individual and hence you should be the one to showcase them.

However, don’t go adding in anything and everything that you have ever done. Take a note on the most worthy achievements that are aligned with the profession you are choosing to go for, or the job position that you are applying to.

Step #5: Hobbies & Interests

It is human nature to keep experimenting with new things. Have you not? People tend to acquire new hobbies and interests from time to time. These are the underdogs which will get the conversation with a recruiter going.

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