5 tips to make your chances of getting a job after Covid 19

It is of extreme importance that you utilize the time at hand and make suitable changes to be ready for a job.

Everyone is entangled in the atmosphere of doom with the pandemic on our shoulders. While most of us are chilling at home, some are getting cut off of employment because of slow economy. Focus is the key to get what we want after the economy settles from the upheaval.

Here are 5 tips to be job ready after the pandemic:

Tip #1: Increase your networks

The pandemic has everyone shifting to online spaces. It is important to keep your social media profiles active, especially on LinkedIn. A strong influence on either social media sites can help progress your career in several ways. People with a presence on LinkedIn often find it easier to influence top management for job positions with their diverse perspectives. Do not miss details and envelop all your strengths in the summary of your profile to let recruiters know what you are made of. Be active an interact with your peers as well as individuals within the industry to connect with several influencers and increase your expertise by gaining knowledge from them.

Tip #2: Spend time in remaking your Resume

Update and remodel your Resume to showcase your skills in a halo. Make sure to adds lots of keywords that impress recruiters. Diligently utilise the jobs and internships that you have had and restructure them to fit directly into the role that you wish to apply for. Specifically tailor your Resume in accordance with the job and look for positions which will benefit you in the longer run. Do not over share, and do not hold back, choose the right middle ground.

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Tip #3: Find creative solutions to gaps in your resume

Several people have the issue of so called ‘gap’ years wherein they took a drop, either to prepare for examinations, or to keep with the nuances of their life. These years are hard to explain when it comes to recruiters. Some people fail to address this issue clearly and are vague in their answers. Some don’t get the chance to justify this gap since recruiters look for a continuity in education and job roles undertaken. However, you can make sure to put up a fair reason within your resume as well, or think of creative ways to address this issue.

Tip #4: Certifications

Indulge in quality certifications which will not only help you make you professionally equipped but also make you stand out of the crowd in the eyes of the recruiter. Choose the certifications which are in line with the professional career you wish to take on. There are several certifications and courses which are offered online, some even for free. If you want to make your resume better, now is the time.

Tip #5: Webinars and Workshops

People seldom do not understand the value of webinars and workshops. Although, webinars are often conducted by industry individuals who speak with years of experience. You might learn things that no books will teach you through these webinars. Keep your questions ready and do not shy away from extracting the most out of these industry experts. It might benefit you to an extreme level in the future.

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