What is the importance of group discussion?

Group Discussion

Group discussion is a comprehensive technique to judge the suitability of an individual for admission, scholarship, job etc. It assesses the candidate’s overall personality, skills, managing skills, communication skills, how the person deals with the suggestions of the other person, whether the person is suitable for working in a group or not etc. Companies & colleges lay a lot of stress on GD for selecting candidates who have potential and temperament to be good business leaders.

A GD lasts generally for 20-25 minutes and can go longer as well. Here you are judged on your leadership qualities, clarity of thoughts, communication skills, your body language, your facial expressions. So here we advise you to polish your overall skills.

What are the skills that are judged in a GD?

  • How good are you at communicating with others
  • How-open minded you are
  • Your leadership skills
  • Your analytical skills
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Emotional intelligence skills
  • How positive you are on  accepting the viewpoints of others in a group
  • Social attitude and confidence

Type of group discussion (GD) topics asked in MBA

GD is one of the most important stages in any of the firms because they can forecast your abilities in this stage and figure out whether you are suitable for the firm or not.

  • Current Affairs Topics
  • Abstract topics
  • Business and economy topics
  • Social issues

Current Affairs Topics

  • Coronavirus: Impact on Global Economy
  • COVID 19: The importance of spending on public health
  • Is social distancing the new world order?

Abstract Topics

  • Hard work vs smart work,
  • Building strategies vs execution,
  • Innovation vs invention.
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Business and economy

  • Should the Indian economy be privatized?
  • Is MBA necessary to be successful in business?
  • Is corruption in economy the root cause for Indian Economic Slowdown?

Social issue

  • Crime against women
  • Views on retirement policies
  • Minorities in India

So in order to crack the group discussion keep a track of what is happening around the world. Be aware of current affairs and situations. Be confident when you are there for the group discussion, do not crisscross your views, be a good listener and stay calm during the GD. Avoid getting involved in any kind of argument and do not get aggressive.

Make sure you present your positive side and give your best. GD judges you in many skills at the same time. 

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