Tips to Crack your Job Interview

Congratulations! You are already done with the first stage of landing a job, that is getting your resume shortlisted. Now comes the most dreaded part, the job interview.

It is not easy to impress someone with your talent within a few minutes, let alone make them pay you for your skills. For some it is nerve-wracking because this is where the recruiter gets to see not only your skills but also your personality. It is not easy to ace an interview, but with a few basic tricks, you can crack that job within no time.

Do your Homework

It is important to do a pre-interview research to impress the prospective recruiter. Know about the company, it’s past, their strategies and the several head officials of the company. A solid picture of the company’s goals and future plans will help you understand and explain how you will fit together with the company.

Practice answers to commonly asked questions

Some questions like, ‘Tell me something about yourself’ or ‘Where do you see yourself after 5 years’, are questions that generally pop up time and again during interviews. It is important that you are precise about answering these questions because that would make your first impression an astonishing one. Also stay atop of the current affairs =, general awareness and some stalwarts in your field to answer questions related to them.

Be on top of Job Requirements

Know what position you are applying for how your skills will help the company in a better way than your competitors.

Learn how to Sell yourself

Be prompt in analysing how you can be an asset to the company. Become the ‘talent’ that the company is looking for. Be methodical and explain your strengths which will match with the mission of the company. Demonstrate how you are the best candidate for this job.

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Work on your body language

Even if you are good in your deliver, it is important to be aware of the nervous tics that your body is portraying. These actions might be unknown to you, but the recruiter who has interviewed hundreds of people is well aware of these actions. Keep a check on how your sitting, your hand movements, gestures and so on to accompany you in your dialogue.

Use the STAR methodology

The Situation, Task, Action and Results method is wherein you actively give examples of how you faced a given situation before and your behaviour likewise. Give a context of the situation you were in, a description of what your task was, the action you took to fulfil the task and tackle the challenge and finally what the results of this were. Giving examples will make your case more believable and easier for the recruiter to understand that you can take up challenges and solve them for a good outcome.

Prepare questions to ask to the recruiter

Nowadays, employers seek individuals who are not afraid to question anything. It shows that you have put on research and that you are serious about taking up this job.

Be positive

It is okay to be nervous during a job interview, especially if it’s your first one. However, remain positive whatever be the outcome. This shows that you are confident and realize your potential. If you know you are fit for the job, the employer will too.

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