Engineering interview questions

Top interview question for engineering interviews

Engineering interview questions
Engineering interview questions

When you prepare for an interview with an engineer, it is natural to dwell on the weeds of that candidate’s particular areas of technology and engineering expertise. In addition to engineering-specific questions, you will want to inquire about three interpersonal communications, team-work, customer service and related skills that tie to overall performance and culture fit.

Here we would be discussing a few questions which are commonly asked in an engineering interview. The most common amongst them are discussed below.

#1: Tell me about the most challenging engineering project that you have been involved with during the past year.

Here they want to check your mindset.  What kind of project you find challenging, it helps them to forecast future resource planning at the same time. They want to navigate how you dealt with that challenge and the outcome of your work.

#2: What checks and balances do you use to make sure that you don’t make mistakes?

Engineers do have some sought of checks and balances. It is as simple as running ideas and initiatives by a colleague. Or maybe they use notes or a digital system they use to access task or project steps. Here they are looking for candidates who can reduce the size of errors and ultimately are able to corporate profit margin.

#3: What situations you have shown your leadership skills?

Here you are judged on the basis of your decision making skills, how appropriate your decisions were, at the time of unusual event occurrence and how appropriate and suitable were your actions. It is important to have employees who can step up and steer the way when needed.

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#4: How were you involved in cost reduction and you have shaved expenses?

Cost reduction is the most important part of every company, companies try to be in that budget and decide for a project which is not in favour to exceed that budget line. This is one of the most important skills they would examine you on, here they would put forward a situation where you will have to implement your logics in cost cutting strategies.

#5. Theoretical question

Here they can ask you any formula which you would implement on the situation. Recruiters would want to understand whether your basics of the concept are clear and whether you are a suitable candidate for them. 

Before your interview, make sure you brush up your concepts, know your skills and accomplishments. Try to research the company you are opting for and don’t forget to keep yourself updated about the world around. Do not get paranoid and crisscross your own views.

We Hope this article helps you to bring out the best in you. All the best and keep learning.  

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