skills recruiters look for in a candidate

What are the 6 basic skills a recruiter looks in a candidate?

We tend to put our best technical skills in our resume. When hiring for a job, every recruiter will look at the obvious technical skills of the candidate required for the role.

Apart from the technical skills, there are some basic traits and skills that improve the chances of getting hired.

skills recruiters look for in a candidate
Skills recruiters look for in a candidate

This article will briefly take you through the top 6 skills.

Skill #1: Communication

Communication skills are the most important skills. A candidate must be able to deliver the information and be able to make others understand it quickly and accurately. Also, you be a good listener. It means to effectively understand and be understood. Moreover, you should be able to communicate effectively in all means whether it is writing an email or on social media as well while speaking

Skill #2: Teamwork

Working as a team always makes progress easier as compared to working alone. A candidate should have the skills to work in a team, be able to express and accept others opinions. Brainstorming always bring multiple ideas to the table resulting in the best outcome. Recruiter always want a team player who can build good relationships and increase efficiency at the workplace.

Skill #3: Time Management

As rightly said “Time is Money”. A recruiter always looks for in a candidate who doesn’t slack off and is able to make the best of time. It is directly related to productivity. They want a candidate who works more in less time, is able to complete targets and meets every deadline.  

Skill #4: Multitasking

Multitasking is again related to saving time and optimizing the work schedule. They expect the candidate to be the master of combining tasks and completing them efficiently. A candidate should have the capacity to handle pressure and be able to perform in every situation. 

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Skill #5: Creativity

Every company wants a candidate to bring a USP of his/her own. Their expectation is you doing the same thing in different ways. A candidate should be creative enough to help the company with creative skills whenever they are stuck. No matter what the situation is, the candidate should showcase his management skills and personal reliability.

Skill #6: Positivity

A positive attitude does wonders for oneself. A candidate who brings positivity at the workplace reduces the stress levels and increases the productivity of the other employees too. Recruiters always prefer a candidate who has a positive outlook on life and is interested in personal and professional growth.

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