MBA Interview

What are the skills required for an MBA interview?

Have you ever thought of or came across people who have not scored really good in academics and are less worthy of getting a job and they are the ones who end up with the best packages in the job polls? 

MBA Interview
MBA Interview

In this article, I would be sharing some areas where you should take the utmost care when you go for the interview.

I would be sharing a few interview guidelines, which would help you get your dream job. Since my points are on generalized research and experience so apart from the MBA professionals even others can adhere to the same.

Lets get started

So to start the 2 most important things, which you have to keep in mind before you go for an interview are:-

Without these 2 you really can not survive the interview.

As an HR professional,  I would first look at these 2 qualities in you if I am the hiring manager. No company wants to hire an under-confident professional and one with poor communication skills because if you are hired you are the face and the future of the company. 

Communication skills 

8,986 Communication Skills Stock Illustrations, Cliparts And ...

Communication is the way you put across and express your thoughts to the other person, it is very important that your communication is effective and efficient at the same time. Remember in a firm,  communication is very important because you are working in a hierarchy. along with that, to be a good communicator it is important to become a good listener as well. So be patient and just don’t jump to suggestions, first let another person complete and then suggest.

Self Confidence


Confidence is the best outfit you can wear for an interview. You really don’t need those expensive attires to get hired, when you lack confidence. Of course, it’s important to be dressed appropriately, but the most important thing which matters is your confidence. 

Some common gestures through which anyone can judge your confidence are:

  • The way you greet
  • Your body posture
  • Your facial expressions when you talk
  • The speed of speech
  • Eye contact
  • Sentence closure etc. 
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So as a Human Resource analyst, I would like to share a few things which come with the experience & are not taught in classrooms sessions 

These things would eventually build up with time. You have all the academic qualifications needed to be in your desired job but unfortunately, if you lack these two things it would be very difficult for you to crack the interviews.

Some other important skills, which you would require and would be judged upon. 

1. Organised resume


Resume exhibition is the first impression of your personality on the recruiter. Your job resume should reflect the pool of talent and strength that you can help the organization to grow in the right direction. Highlight your experience, strength projects, and personal details. 

2. Stress handling skills

Stress clipart stress interview, Stress stress interview ...
Interview Stress

This is the most common scheme adopted by the panel and they judge every individual on these skills. Just to set an example, they might just ask you any random question that may be out of your own answer or might ask you anything situational based. So here, they are actually 30% concerned about your answer but here 70% they are judging you on your:

  • Expressions,
  • Command over speech when you are under pressure,
  • Body posture.

It is not important to be right but to maintain that confidence constant is important and they judge your behavior patterns under pressure . since the work environment is so dynamic and is changing constantly. So this is one of the most important aspects they judge you on how you would react to unwanted changes.

3. Talk about your weaknesses with confidence

Here I would like to tell you that, sometimes on purpose, the panel would ask you to talk about your failures or your weaknesses, understand that they are not asking you to make you feel embarrassed but because they want to see how loyal and vocal you are to admit your failures. This character reflects your emotional intelligence, which would reflect on work in the future. It is very important to be emotionally intelligent. I would encourage you to study more about the same on the internet. 

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I have shared enough details, which holds the maximum weightage in selecting an individual for a firm. An individual is mostly judged on the above criteria. I would insist on improving your skills in the same field so as to be successful in your future interviews. If you are lacking behind any quality keep reading and watch videos to improve your skills.

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