Jobs that will be a focus after the Corona Virus Pandemic:

There is no doubt in thinking that the Covid-19 pandemic has distressed the economy to an extreme limit. There has been a sudden change in the matters of supply and production as well as consumption. Some jobs are more valuable than the others.

It is clear that the digital fronts of businesses are seeing a peak and hence there is a serious opportunity to excel in that direction. This paradigm shift form retail to digital is not only upcoming but also unopposed.

Few industries are reaping the benefits in the times of lockdown whereas the other are looking forward to a bleak future.

Uncertainty has given way to a boom in digital sales through ecommerce. It is hence prominent that the job openings in FMCG and FMCD with respect to e-retail are going to skyrocket if the lockdown continues for a long time. One can focus on these jobs by working towards specializations in ecommerce and digital marketing via social platforms.

Digital marketing jobs are by far the most obvious opportunities that have seen a rise. Companies are shifting towards obtaining customer’s attention through digital channels and platforms and individuals apt in the fields can encounter several offers.

The payments and banking industry have also shifted to digital fronts magnanimously since e-payments have increased widely.

Even the education sector is shifting towards online learning through aggregators such as Zoom, Teams, Slack.

Supply chain has also seen dimming growth due to lack of several problems on hand. However, artificial intelligence and robotic automation will be the future in the sector, reducing manual intervention and hence cutting off risks.

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It is the time wherein one has to consider several alternatives instead of focusing on one field which does not seem to flourish in such times. Creating multiple paths having several options would prove fruitful.

Basic coding skills which made sure of a job are no longer what lure recruiters. The depressed market looks for skillsets that enhance the personnel with leadership and multitasking roles to lower the burden on the company and its finances.

However, even though there is a lot of struggle, there is always middle ground. The lockdown can be utilised by enhancing your resume and developing skills.

The market is not ripe with choices and it is important to choose practically rather than wait for a choice.

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