Why Certification Courses Are Better Than Degrees

I grew up in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Computer as a subject was first introduced to me in Class 1st. Computer as a device was introduced in my home when I was in Kindergarten.

When Corona rolled in and forced us to stay confined in our houses, we leaned on WFH and online classes for school/college students. Now as we have successfully pulled these off for more than 2 months, we are realizing that maybe physically going to school or workplace was more of a ‘monkey see, money do’ than a necessity. Teachers are realizing that students do not need them so much for teaching than for correcting copies.

Ask any student if he has ever used  in real life. The answer will not surprise you. What he does use in real life is how to pay taxes which unfortunately our curriculum doesn’t cover. And likewise, we realise that half the syllabus taught in schools and colleges is obsolete or soon to be. This brings in the need to study more than what is taught in schools. Now this need could spur from interest or from thirst to evolve.

Certifications VS Degrees

 To fill in this gap between bookish knowledge and real-life learning, we take the help of Certifications. Today, there are hundreds of certification courses available in thousands of fields from Cutting and Tailoring to Astrophysics. All one needs is to find a course that they like, enroll for it and voila! In a matter of few days, they would have learnt all about their chosen subject from the comforts of their home. They can stop the course for coffee sessions or can study at midnight when the night owls are most productive. No more having to pack your bags and worry about 75% attendance or having your class teacher say no to a bathroom break. Learning about a subject has become as simple as making a phone call.

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Very recently, UGC has come up with a scheme to make it legal for students to pursue two degrees at once. While few choose to look at it as a way of growth, I see it as a path to decline. Increasing the number of degrees on your CV doesn’t guarantee a job. Doing double graduation and triple post-graduations won’t ensure an offer letter in your hand. Because while you think you are qualified enough, companies may and will see you as over-qualified. It is not unheard of to not get selected because someone else was a “better fit” for the organization. Again, this is where a degree will not help but a few certification courses will go a long way.

A degree is a mobile handset and a certification course is the accessory required. You can only have a limited number of phones but you will need all kinds of accessories like cover, tempered glass and headphones to make your phones solid and working to full capacity. 

And exactly the same way, you full potential can be reached only when you have relevant degrees and related certifications to support your skills.

Why Certification Courses?

  • One of the reasons why certification courses are gaining popularity is because they are niche and up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. As Analytics is on the rise, there are course on different languages like Python and R, different areas like Marketing Analytics and so on. You want to get into this, just do a few courses and you are good to go.
  • This brings me to the second reason why certification courses are on the run. The kind of information imparted while doing certifications is not available in any class curriculum. You can do a hundred graduations but the few hours spent on a certification will provide you far more knowledge than your bachelors.
  • And last but not least the most important reason, in my opinion, is that doing a certification course in your chosen field shows that you are in touch with the latest happenings of your field. When a recruiter sees relevant certifications on your CV, he doesn’t think that you didn’t get enough marks to pursue another degree, what he thinks is that you are aware about and know what is buzzing in your field and hence are updated. This shows zeal to work and thirst to know more and this is the most positive impression you can leave.
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And there you have it, why certifications are more important today and how doing them will enhance not only your chances to get a good job but also your knowledge base. Adaptability as they say, never goes out of style!

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