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We are experiencing a major pandemic due to which we are all locked away inside our houses; especially students. And of course, it can get boring at times. So here is a list of energy booster courses you can subscribe yourself in order to come out more confident when you step out of the house to resume your curriculum. Are you ready to bring out the best in you?

A personal brand is for everyone. It is the image of your personality and its how you will be perceived by others. And In today’s “Look at me” culture, owning a sense of carrying altogether a brand of yourself helps you stand out while applying to a job or starting your own company. 

So here top 6 picks for personal branding:

#1: Introduction to Personal Branding by Virginia University

This is one of the foundational courses for beginners. It helps you to get a start, how to create one, and more importantly, what it means to inhabit and maintain that brand. This course is for someone who wants to start a new career, to gain a competitive edge over peers, or maybe get a promotion or hike in salary.

The course takes approximately 5 hours to complete and can be translated into English, Portuguese, Brazilian, and Persian.  The syllabus constitutes 5 modules wherein the first module is on basics and understanding the concept, moving on to build brand infrastructure, and establishing a digital home. The last two modules deal with how to maintain your brand and protect your brand effectively. 

Here are some reviews that will motivate you to start right away.

#2: Learning Personal Branding on LinkedIn Learning

This course brings an in-depth knowledge of personal branding. It lets you dig deeper into the concept and helps you recognize the essentials of making your personal brand market network. 

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The course comprises of 6 modules, 2 project files, and 3 chapter quizzes which will take almost 50 minutes to complete. This course is a must go-through platform which can get you tips to monetize your personal brand and land speaking engagements in no time. 

Intermediate Personal Branding Courses: 

#3: Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding

This course teaches you how to use strategic marketing and personal branding techniques for promoting your personal image. It is the third course in the Career Brand Management Specialization. It is a 4-week course with about 11 hours of completion. 

The 4-week course will cover topics such as Marketing and Branding The Skilled Self, Self-marketing Strategies and Tactics, Personal Branding Strategies and Tactics, and much more. Each module completion is ended with a test so as to make sure you could comprehend the whole idea. 

This course will help you learn how to use relationships and network marketing and impression management to showcase your skills. 

#4: Personal Branding Mastery: The System To Reinvent Yourself

  • Site: Udemy
  • Price: On discount

This course includes 6-hours on-demand video, 2 articles, and downloadable resources. The course caters to students, young grads, business professionals, and all individuals who wish to differentiate themself from the common mass.  

After completion of this course, you will be able to know

  • How to skyrocket your credibility, visibility, and position yourself as an industry expert
  • How to be fully engaged and manage your energy skillfully
  • How to create your brand’s “voice” so that you can upgrade it without losing your identity

Subscribe to this course with an open mind and in no time you will be able to implement a makeover of your personal brand.

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Advanced Personal Branding Courses:

#5: Digital Body Language

  • Site: Udemy
  • Price: On discount

Digital Body language is one of the advanced courses provided by Udemy in regard to Personal Branding. It will help you build your digital brand and show you how to optimize it. 

If you are on any social media, then this is the right course to choose and work on. It will help you attract the right kind of attention. 

This course includes 2 hours on-demand video, downloadable resources, and you can expect to complete it in approximately 2 hours. 

#6: Digital Branding and Engagement by Curtin University

  • Site: Edx
  • Price: Free

If you have an online personal brand but lack to engage it as per your goal, Digital Branding and Engagement can help you get to the root of the problem and will guide you on how to effectively communicate with the audience. 

It comprises of 4 modules and at the end of this module, you will know how to increase Brand Engagement through the creation and distribution of content using an owned digital channel approach. 

As we all know, the markets are shifting from physical to virtual/digital phase, it’s high time for students to diversify skills and thus diversify revenue streams. So hope on. Choose an appropriate course for you and get an upgraded version of yourself. 

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