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Article writing is an arbitrary art form that a lot of people are profiting from in today’s modern time. It is no longer limited to school textbooks but has fused itself with the art of advertising. It is now an additional source of capital generation in almost all business forms. And thus it is extremely important to understand the purpose and motive that follows and the audience that it caters to before you start concocting a piece. Everything from the kind of vocabulary used to the tone of the conversation plays a tangible role in impacting the readers. The basics are to understand what genre you are writing and who you are writing for and then deciding which set of tone, vocabulary and pitch are befitting.

The First Impression 

It is extremely important to hook your readers from the start. It only makes sense. The very first paragraph of your article should show a lead or be captivating enough to ensure that the reader goes on. There are many ways to generate a reader’s interest and keep him hooked in the first go only. 

The start could be an informative, answer giving paragraph that jumps straight into the topic. This builds trust within the readers. People generally tend to read articles that are short and answer their questions on-point without beating around the bush. Another way could be indulging the content readers in the process by asking them questions and intriguing them. A question is one of the best ways to start a conversation and goes a long way. 

Fancy It or Not?

Before starting an article, always ask yourself who your potential audience is going to be and would they prefer a simple vocabulary approach or would they like to see a toss of fancy words. By answering this question you come a step closer to delivering an impeccable article. It is honestly not a very complicated decision to make. 

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Next, you need to analyse the nature of the article. Let’s take this further with an example. Suppose you are writing an informative government service related article in English which is going to be viewed by almost all types of people – the ones who are English enthusiasts and the ones who are not. In this situation it is best to keep your ideal attention on the depth of the information you are providing and not on the vocabulary. Try keeping the vocabulary as simplified as possible. In case you are writing about an exquisite holiday destination or a fancy jewellery brand that you know targets a certain class of people, then you can shift and vary your attention to the grammar perspective of it.

Technicality and Homework 

There are articles that are completely dependent on your perspective and then there are ones that are anonymous of it. There are some topics that require the intervention of your opinions and your take on it. For example — you are writing about a social issue that you have a very different perspective of when compared to the masses. This article can be mirrored in your opinions and you have the liberty put forth an unpopular opinion, an unknown fact or anything at all. Whereas there are topics that are just out there and you need to pull information from all places to put it together in one article. Example being, describing the functions of a newly launched phone. This article needs to have only facts and not your personal opinion. An opinion based article certainly does not require a lot of research but a fact based article sure does. Homework and apt knowledge is a must before putting together a piece. 

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Spice It Up ! 

It can be rather boring and visually unappealing to see long threads of text. It is very important to spice up your article with figures, pictures and facts. We seldom give importance to figures despite knowing the fact that people will come back to read your stuff only if they get practical and vital information. Figures and numbers do the trick. Add percentages, pie charts , infographics , statistics and a lot more. Present your information and facts in a unique way. Add relevant pictures. 


It is the need for us writers to discern the psychology of the readers. We need to know that the concentration span of individuals is decreasing by the day as the pressure of shoving more content in less words on us increases. The competition today is more fierce than ever and there is clearly not even an inch of space for mediocrely. There are over 600 million blogs just on the internet in addition to non digital writing platforms. Thousands of people are writing on one topic and it is in our hands to make us stand out of the crowd and to produce write-ups that are compelling, smart, extraordinary and rich !

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