Top 10 Job-Oriented Short Term Courses 2020

Have you been looking forward to a job, but your resume just doesn’t cut it? The problem is you are probably looking at the wrong place.

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Getting a job in this serious economic slump is a tough task. Competition for every single available position is to the peak.

Why should you invest your time in short-term courses?

Extra courses will enable you to become the top candidate for a job role, you will have the ands-on knowledge to undertake any challenge thrown your way, and you will unlock several opportunities in the market.

Here is our list of best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses:

1. Ethical Hacking Course

Even though people tend to stay away from something which even remotely resembles hacking, ethical hacking is something you might be interested in. If you are someone who has a knack for hacking, you can put your skills to work and earn money at the same time.

Ethical hackers are the individuals who keep the internet safe for public use and protect confidential information of people, companies and even governments.

Some short-term courses in Ethical Hacking including Certified Security Analyst, Certified Forensic Investigator, Diploma in IT Security & Hacking.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Science

Skills: Code Cracking Skills

Salary: Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000

2. SEO Course

SEO or Search Engine Optimization and is one of the most desirable job profiles when it comes to India’s digital front.

SEO Professionals work to enhance the visibility or ranking of a website in the search engine results. They have the responsibility to ensure that their client’s website appears in the top search results on Google.

You can choose to work with organizations or become a freelancer. There are several new institutes who train SEO professionals in the art of Search Engine Optimization have come up in all major cities across the country.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree

Skills: Basic knowledge of Computers and Internet

Salary: Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000

3. PPC Course

PPC or Pay Per Click Campaigns is another field under the digital umbrella which is in great demand. Professionals of the PPC domain are one of the most sought after resources in the market today.

The responsibilities of PPC professionals include driving sales and traffic from the search engines via paid advertising through Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook for Business.

Every business is now going digital or thinking about going digital. In such circumstances, a PPC individual has lots of potential.

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Eligibility: Graduation

Skills: Basic computer skills, internet

Salary: Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000

4. Graphic Designing Courses

Are you someone who is good at presentation of ideas and concepts in visual form? Graphic designing courses are something meant for you.

Graphic designers are individuals behind the images your see in magazines or social media or the infographics that are available on Pinterest or in newspapers and magazines. There is no shortage of work as far as a highly skilled graphic designers are concerned. A short term graphic designing certification course covers the basic software such as Photoshop, Coral Draw and Indesign.  

You can be a Creative Director, Logo Designer, Visual Image Developer, Interface Designer, Art Production Manager in any company.

Eligibility: Graduation

Skills: Creativity, Basic Computer Skills

Salary: Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000

5. Web Designing Courses

The scenario of today’s world is such that every company is choosing online, everyone wants to expand their presence and reach on the internet and therefore everyone is looking for a website.

You can leverage this situation for your benefit.

A web-designing course of short term which lasts about 3 to 6 months can upskill you to develop a responsive and engaging website for your client

Eligibility: Graduation

Skills: Computer Savvy, Aptitude and Logical Mind

Salary: Rs 20,000 to 50,000

6. Voice Modulation Course

Voice modulation courses are those which are aimed at people who want to turn their voice into their biggest resource. Offered by a number of private institutes, Voice Modulation Courses can enhance your singing career, turn you into a theatre artist or the best of all voice-over-artist. Industries such as advertising, films, radio or television; the demand for artists who can modulate their voice to fit the character is rising by the day.

Eligibility: Graduate /Class 12th Pass

Skills Required: Creativity, Excellence Voice

Expected Salary: Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000

7. Animation Courses

Have you been a big fan of animated cartoons all your life? You can now build a career as an animator.

Animation Courses are what you should look into. Often called one of the most promising career options available today, Animation Courses give the edge to exhibit your creativity in a visual form. In industries such as advertising companies, carton industry, cinema industry and other digital industry domains, the demand of animation artists is skyrocketing.

Eligibility: Graduation

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Skills: Creativity, Story Boarding, Basic Computer Knowledge

Salary: Rs 25,000 onwards

8. Content Writing Courses

Writing has always been recognized as a profession for intellectuals; but the views of writing in terms as well as the type and style of content have changed dramatically in the last decade.

There is a huge spike in requirement of professional content writers who specialize in different genres or platform specific writing.

If you are looking forward to build a career in writing, this is the best time to do so! Basic knowledge of English and a creative bent of mind is all you need to be a successful content writer.

Eligibility: Undergraduates / Graduates

Skills: Basic knowledge of English language, Creative mind

Salary: Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000

9. Programming Language Courses

Now a days everyone has access to mobile phones. Softwares and applications have become an integral part of our lives. It’s not really a surprise that demand for software engineers in India’s digital economy is also on the rise.

Several institutes offer credible short-term courses in Software development and programming. You can pick programming languages as per your comfort such as java, C, C++, python, ASP. Net or any other course; and soon you would be able to get a high paying job easily.

Eligibility: Graduation in IT or Computer Science

Skills: Coding

Salary: Rs 40,000 to 50,000

10. Networking Course

The rise in the number of digital gadgets, computers and mobile devices, the demand for networking professionals who can easily manage the internet connectivity for these devices is increasing by the day. From tech-giants such as HCL and HP to small start-ups that are just starting out in the digital world; everyone is in need of these professionals.

So, doing a short-term three-month course in networking will prove to be a great opportunity for you. Some of the popular choices within networking courses include CISCO networking courses or you can learn Python, Pearl, and Ruby (scripting language), Certificate PC Hardware & Networking, Certificate in Network Administration.

Eligibility: Graduation

Skills: Computer Savvy, Aptitude and Logical Mind

Salary: Rs 40,000 to 50,000

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