Top 8 Professional courses to choose after Graduation

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Why should you invest your time and money in a professional course? The answer is simple. Professional courses and certifications add validity to your resume.

Employers often find graduation a basic degree and students with certifications immediately stand out of the crowd. The educational standards are higher than ever, and everyone is aiming high in the academic profiles. Not only that, but you should be aware about what you want to do in your career.  

Professional courses are a great way to explore new ideas and fields to find your right fit.

Here are our top picks of 8 professional couses after graduation:

#1: PGDM, MBA and PGPM

Are you interested in pursuing business in your future career path? We have the answer. One of the major fields graduates follow is that of Management in Business Administration or MBA and PGDM which is a diploma in management. These courses are identical and will open a new door to opportunities in the corporate world. If you already have a work experience, you can choose PGPM which is a shorter course but of equal value.


A career in Event Management sure sounds dreamy. But it will become a reality with PGDEMA. A full time year long course, which gives you a steady push in the field of event management.

#3: PGD in Hotel Management

If you like the hospitality industry, Hotel Management is the way to go. Step closer to you goals by starting off in this industry with an elementary cutlery practise to management and hospitality. You can also find access to several internships to gain first hand experience.

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#4: Accounts and Finance Certifications

Got a knack for numbers and balancing? Look no more. Accounting and finance id=s the perfect fit for you. Administered by several putative institutions, these certifications are the demand of current times. You will gain an insight about the technology, business methodologies and a lot more in the field of accounting and finance with these certifications.

#5: Business Accounting

Generally, the graduates of commerce are interested in specializations in accounting and taxation which are very suitable and short-term programs to gain an advantage in landing jobs. Courses such as SAP module, accounting models, financial statements, workforce policies and so on are most desirable.

#6: AI & ML Certifications

Automation is the new trend in the current times. Several recruiters are looking for graduates with certifications in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses. From regular equipment turning into automated marvels, to the whole supply chain process becoming an AI concept, graduates with a grasp of technology are more suitable for hiring by employers.

#7: Mobile App Development

Smartphones are on everyone’s palms, be it Android or iOS, both young and old individuals carry it. Every smartphone has several applications within it serving different purposes. The market for people with the knowledge of these apps and how to make them is vast. Pursuing a Mobile App Development program with help you gain much sought after learning.

#8: Certification in Digital Marketing

With the onset of the digital transformation, everything has shifted online. Online shopping has become a part and parcel of the daily routine lives of people. And more and more people are shifting towards social media, it is of prime importance for recruiters to find individuals with a knack for digital marketing.

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