Hiring trends & Unemployment Post Covid19

Unemployment and Hiring trends post Covid-19

Unemployment has always been a huge matter of discussion in India. Now after this pandemic, it has further increased the crises where youth is questioning the system about their future security.

Hiring trends & Unemployment Post Covid19
Hiring trends & Unemployment Post Covid19

What is Unemployment?

Unemployment here means the large portion of the population which is willing to work and is unable to secure a job for themselves. 

In April, the survey showed that companies were firing people which still continues to be higher at 24% in May as well. The unemployment rate is around the same levels as it was in April but would increase with time. 

Though the industries are opening gradually, which would bring back the normal procedures but no contradiction on the fact that, people have to adapt and get used to the new normal to cope up with the pandemic changes. 

We know India is very well known for its manpower. Whereas the stats predict that 35% of Indian youth who possess a graduation degree are unemployed. It is a serious worry as the government is unable to utilize the demographic divided factor – especially keeping in mind that 65%of the population is the working-age group. 

Hiring Trends During Pandemic

People are increasingly worried about how they would pay the bills as Covid-19 has forced businesses to close affecting the labour market and job cuts. It is a global crisis where everyone needs to coordinate with the new normal. Sectors like aviation, hotels, travel, transport, are already in a state of closure due to nil revenue generation. These sectors would take much more time to pick up. Whereas, on the other side, IT sectors are surviving and doing well as their work is unaffected as the employees continue to work from home. There is no doubt that the hiring now would be of high quality and not just about quantity. The human resource team would not unnecessarily gather people, but also focus to make a smarter choice as per their requirements.

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The training sessions, recruitment drives have been frozen by most of the companies, but then we would suggest you to continue hunting for jobs for backup. 


Here, your choice matters. This is the time to study the market and get moulded since the market is changing even the hiring would change.


Improve Your Skills. Try to get into the sectors related to IT because everyone knows they would enter the world of digital. even the smallest of businessmen would take its business on the internet in order to survive to keep in mind the concept of social distancing.

Sectors which are likely to blossom during this Pandemic

Try to come up and explore such courses online, which can help you develop your face value in the market and you would give a plus point to the company, as companies now would look for people who are multitaskers.

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