Remote Internship

Your guide to be successful in a remote internship

Remote Internship
Remote Internship

Since this pandemic people have had to cope up with the new society changes and adapt to the new normal now. Not only the professional front, but even the college students also have to cope with the new requirements of social distancing. Many students will discover the new type of college experience, where their classroom has changed to virtual one, virtual internships, etc . students would still lack the experience of hand on effects.

Internships are a vital way to gain experience outside the classrooms in the field they are studying, but we believe it’s time for a revolution now. When we are still not working in the traditional environment we should still make the most out of these internships.

Since internships are all about the hands-on experience but because of COVID-19 it is off the table now. As more and more businesses go virtual so does the internships.

What are remote internships?

Remote internships are done sitting at home and by video calls, emails, phone calls, etc. It lacks the physical touch to the site working with the colleagues. Since this has been in practice in foreign countries, it is the best practice since it not only saves the money involved in travel, workplace expenses, etc but instead it saves time, increases punctuality and other additions to it.

Things the organisations should do for virtual internships

Few suggestions for the people who are adopting this virtual concept the first time. since this is a very new concept for the majority of the population and maximum departments would be working from home. Suggestions below would help you cope with these virtual concepts in an organized way.

What should an organisation do?

  1. Inform interns at least 1-2 weeks before the commencement of the internship.
  2. Think about the tools they would be requiring to work. 
  3. Try to equip them with things they require and which are easy for them to do it themselves. 
  4. Create the same culture you have in the office digitally.
  5. Train your interns and be patient.
  6. Train even the managers for the same.

Additional endeavour in remote internships .

Since the majority of people would be sitting in their personal spaces and would be working with their flexible hours, make sure you do not get distracted and take work seriously and professionally. Since we can assure you the virtual work and internships would be turning permanent in the future because it is saving a lot of money and is more economical for the companies discussed before.

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There is no refutation that the employees have to work extra to prove themselves and it is a tough task doing that sitting at home. So here below are some tips which would help you work better and most appropriately.

5 extremities of remote internships

  1. Set boundaries

Working from home can be really distracting and laborious. We would suggest you plan your day ahead and sort out your list a night before so that you do not miss anything. There would be a lot of things in your mind, hence it is better that you organise your day and work accordingly. It would test your multitasking skills.

  1. Connect with your mentors

Be in regular touch with your mentors, do not work under confusion if you are confused about things. It’s better to be clarified about the same rather than wasting time. Be in touch with your mentors daily. There are different ways of connecting, apart from the emails and phone calls you can use apps like zoom, hangout, google video call etc. Be creative and experiment with different apps.

  1. Request for feedback

Be emotionally intelligent to take the feedback in a positive way. Feedback is very far-reaching professionally. It’s very important to be aware of where you are going wrong and what needs to be fixed. Regular feedback is important and do not be scared and feel bad about them. It is for your profit. take regular suggestions and comments on your work.

  1. Keep a track of your achievements 

The projects and internships you would be working on would bring a lot of hurdles. Keep a track of your feedback, work on them, record your achievements so that you maintain a graph of your growth and if you dim the spark of your work later, you can refer to these recordings to maintain the same quality of work.

  1. Dress up appropriately
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Do not make your image carefree and careless when you sit on virtual meetings, it shows your seriousness and professionalism at the same time. Be very careful and ethical before you take up for visual meetings.

We hope these tips and suggestions would help you cope well with your virtual internships, don’t forget these are building blocks of your career and you have high chances to secure your job in the same firm you are interning for today.

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