A journey from Entrepreneur to MBA |Pranav Pai

“Fall in love with being alive” a quote that may sound very cheesy but, is a reason for me to give my best every single day. Business has always been an integral part of my life owing to our family business which deals with manufacturing, distribution of bakery and confectionary products. My mother who manages our firm ‘Pai Bakery’ in Belagavi, Karnataka has persistently focused on quality and service. She has always been my guiding star.

After getting familiar to our business over the last couple of years, I have tried to constantly add value to our company to keep up with times. Introducing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software was one of my initial initiatives to computerize our complete supply chain. Introducing our own e-commerce website and expanding our retail outlets were some of the other actions I dwelled into. Though they seemed very lucrative to me some of them did not materialize well, but I continue to fuel this vision as I feel they will benefit us in the coming times.

The reason I am conveying all these points is that many of us would be very confused at important junctions in life on whether we are on the right path. 2 years ago, I had to take a decision to take a job at L & T or come back to my business and I opted for the later. I’m sure many of you will have to make even tougher decisions, in such times we need to back ourselves and give a deaf ear to ill advice.

“Kindness is the mark we leave on the world” – my Amma always says one needs to give to the society without any expectations. Being fascinated by this quality I have tried to contribute periodically within my boundary. ‘Pledge to Serve People’ was an NGO I set up with 2 of my best friends during my engineering tenure in Bengaluru.

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Our work at the NGO started with us collecting clothes from our respective hostels on weekdays and distributing it on the weekends to the underprivileged. Soon we got in touch with the Rotaract Club of Bengaluru and many like-minded friends joined hands. We reached out to numerous slums, orphanages, construction sites, NGO’s to give out thousands of segregated apparels. To the old age homes, we went with planned programs like singing to engage the beautiful elderly people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered many lives, with the help of some wonderful souls in my social media list we were able to help the LGBTQ community in our own small way. Each of us must try and contribute to the society in our own way, one cannot wait for change, one has to be the change.

Currently, I have the privilege to intern at ITC Limited. In such a cut-throat situation not only has ITC given me a platform but also provided me with tremendous experience and learning. I received several final rejects when it came to securing my summer internship, but that is how we all get stronger. I have enjoyed my work every day at the company that has imparted me with independence, relevant resources, opportunities in operations and sales verticals. I believe one must make the best of what is available and venture into opportunities without any prior expectations.

An advice that I would want to give to the aspirants is to make the best of the time you have. Leave no opportunity that comes your way. Good luck 😊

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