Campus Life… the mere outing before Covid-19!

The lush green PDPU campus

To the time when I was just dreaming of keeping my first step at the college gate….

I was travelling to visit my family when the cab driver took a turn near the bridge. And the hoarding of “Knowledge Corridor” flits through my mind and flashes right in front of me filling my heart with all the emotions. 

Today, I walk past the old memory lane of my college life, a life which was filled with limitless freedom, friends, professors, fun, food, competition, club activities, and the stressful nights to crazy birthday celebrations. 

As I entered my college gate for the first time, I could feel the fresh vibes of campus. The lush green garden, the long footpaths with dry leaves over it, squirrels running along with us, and then stood a big wide 2-storeyed building with fonts as large as it could be with its unique logo. I absorbed it in just a blink of my eye. I was guided to the orientation chamber which was filled with hundreds of new faces. I sat beside one of the young girls, like me, exuding a warm gesture of friendliness. 

In just a few days of time, we were friends from acquaintances. The ice had broken which let us chose our kinda circle of friends. The friends who have become family for me now. The ones who have been there in times of need, in times of fun, in times of struggle and more than anything, who been my teachers right before the day of the exam. 

In my first year of college, my life principally revolved around four things. It comprised of my social life, studies, student activities & clubs, and endless sleep hours. The first year went away in just a twinkle and in no time, the most-awaited, eventful summer internships came upon. It brought such wonderful experiences in our life – an opportunity to make the most out of our skills.

Life was full of uncertainties. The pendulum was swinging past my internship and nearing the final year of college life. The time which seemed to disappear amidst the corporate learnings was waiting for us to give us a final touch of its moldings. 

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And then… Oh, God!! We turned into seniors in no time!! The term “Seniors” is so amazing… even today I have goosebumps just with the thought of entering those gates again as a Senior, as someone who had grown out to be confident and more mature. 

The term “Seniors” became more evident on the first day of our class when our director proudly announced us as “Industry Ready”. It made so much sense for us that it hit our hearts right through to be motivated and stay put for the upcoming challenges of placements.  

The new year brought new tasks. The rigorous club activities, exams, responsibility to accustom newcomers into our culture, and then again, a lot of catching up with my friends. 

It was the time of mid-June and the scorching heat made it hard for us to settle in. Looking at the size of my shelf, all I could think of how many books I would be able to accommodate here and how many books are going to remain untouched in this term. The first night at the hostel was all about unraveling the stories about the wonderful internship experiences.  

In the first few days, it was all juggling between classes and running to coolers to fill the bottles. Gradually, the color of the sky changed to grey and the clouds gathered. And the first rain brought respite from the long spell of heat. 

My most beautiful bits and pieces of memories belong from the night of our Farewell. All girls in their beautiful dresses and the men were never found so chivalrous. The crazy dancing, infinite photo sessions, memorable speeches and entertainment, and the last song. This one sentence has so many emotions. No wonder, I am crying at the backseat of the cab. 

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I would like to quote: 

And in between


& Farewell,

Life happened…”

(Instagram: Scribbled Stories)

To the day when I relive the memories of my College days…

Well, this is my beautiful story of my campus life before Covid-19 struck in. I could only imagine how the future life of campus is going to turn out with the changing college regulations. Will there be open interactions, open spaces to talk and chill, gym, sports? I believe without all these, there is no real college experience. But fear not, time brings solution and I am sure, the day will come when college students will again sit on those garden benches and make fun and that chaos will echo through campus walls. 

Let us know what was your campus life before Covid-19. Share your experiences to keep our future students motivated.

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