CAT Preparation Strategy from Sreekar

About Sreekar Chintalapati:

Sreekar is passionate about marketing & brand management as such. He started his career as a Software engineer at Larsen & Toubro Infotech. A year into his job he realised his passion and started preparing for CAT. He will be joining the PGDM batch of TAPMI this year as he begins the next chapter of his career.

Sreekar’s CAT preparation strategy

Today I’d like to emphasize on few things which apparently I didn’t follow much during my prep. As many think, there is no single mantra to crack CAT. If there’s any, that’s persistence & consistency. Ok, as most of you would have started your prep, let’s do a small exercise. 

Next time around when you sit down to prep,

  •  Open a mock test
  •  Pick up any one section of the test ( at random or which section you feel is difficult for you)
  •  Attempt it

So now you have attempted a section of a test. Don’t worry how much you scored in it, rather focus on where did you go wrong. This is a very very important step for all of you. Next another section and next another.

So essentially, I’m emphasising on how important mocks are in the CAT preparation. Infact, this could be your only preparation all through. If you come across any section which is very tough – don’t get scared, this is the one that will prepare you for the worst times ahead 

Start giving mocks right away, don’t wait for your syllabus to complete! Infact there’s nothing like completion of syllabus. Whatever mocks you might take (of Time/CL/IMS) analysing it is a must. 

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It’s not solving all the questions, but infact analysis. That means look for silly mistakes, questions left out/ turned out to be wrong and the tough one’s.

Step 1: Tough one’s – if you’d have spent time on these questions, it’s a mistake. So now your task is to learn to differentiate between easy, tough one’s and leave our the tough one’s from the next mock.

Step 2: Easy one’s – if you have left any of these questions, then it’s a mistake. These are the ones that we must score upon.

Hence practice, practice…

Step 3: Silly mistakes (if any) – Don’t forget to learn from these. You’re not supposed to make such ones from the next mock.

If you take care of these points, you’ll definitely improve your score in the upcoming mocks that you might take. So work on these mocks, mistakes.

Few other tips:

For VARC – You should read as much as possible. Let it be novels/ newspapers/ articles. READ! 

For DILR – Only concentrate on mocks. Practice the models in the mocks again and again and again. That’s all!!

For QA – Remember few formulae & practice question sets based out on these formulae. Also practice questions from the mocks/sectional tests.

MOST IMPORTANT : Don’t take too much pressure about the target you have set for yourself. If you start taking pressure, at some point or the other in your prep, you’ll be tensed to the core. I’ve done this mistake, please don’t do it.

Last but not least: Make sure you get a strategy that works for you in a mock. 

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i.e in which strategy are you scoring a Max & as well in which strategy you’re comfortable, not wasting much of a time

That’s all folks…

Hope you all reach your dream B-schools.

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