Pritam Malik | IIM Udaipur 2020-22 Batch

A engineer’s journey to IIM Udaipur | Pritam Malik

Pritam Malik | IIM Udaipur 2020-22 Batch
Pritam Malik | IIM Udaipur 2020-22 Batch

About Pritam Malik:

Pritam is 24 years old born in Kolkata and brought up in Delhi. He is a computer enthusiast and who completed his Engineering degree in Computer Science from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi in 2018. He has work experience of 2 years as a software developer in a serviced apartment company. Apart from his professional life, he likes to play sports like Cricket, Football, and badminton and to read books to ameliorate my knowledge.

His Journey to IIM Udaipur

Amid lockdown and such trying times there are springs in my feet and my mind. The last 15 days have been amazing as every time there is “offer to admission” from IIM’s at my computer screen. I am grateful to God, my parents, and my mentor.

For me, CAT was all about 6 months of serious preparation. I was also working as a Software developer in a serviced apartment company so it was challenging for me to manage my time.  I had the option of joining a reputed coaching Institute, I rather preferred a guide/mentor who delivered a simple, concise, and customized preparation plan for me and it worked.

My schedule was simple during the last 8 months – I work 8 hours in the company, attend 2 hours class from 8-10 pm twice a week, and 2-3 hours of self-study every day. I completed books by Dr. Arun Sharma cover to cover and solved around the last 15 years CAT paper with my mentor’s help. I joined mock exams when I completed my whole syllabus which helped me to analyze my preparation and strategy for the exam and I improved on it. As hectic as it may sound but trust me, it was a wonderful phase of my life and I enjoyed my preparation. Only the preparation of CAT and GDPI has changed me as a person a lot. I am a more knowledgeable, mature and rational person than last year before starting preparing for CAT. I would suggest fellow aspirants who are working not to leave their jobs for preparation of CAT as both can be managed simultaneously if proper management of time is followed and also one of my friends was grilled in an interview because he left his job for CAT preparation

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GDPI preparation was mostly “Me” centric. Exploring, evolving, and researching my mission and vision and aligning it with my dream Institute. I received calls from XLRI, IIM Shillong, CAP, IIFT, and IIT Kharagpur. My mentor prepared me to show my best personality in all these interviews and each interview was a learning experience for me. For me, it did hit the bull eye in my first shot at CAT. I recommend my mentor to serious CAT 2020 aspirants for online mentoring.

My company helped me to groom my personality by providing me the opportunity to visit London and work with the London team. I learned about the work culture of London and took a leadership role in one of their projects. It developed confidence in me and I realized the potential of possessing management skills in my career.

Also, it wouldn’t have been possible without my reporting manager Mr. Shrey in my company who understood my situation and supported and guided me so that I can focus on my preparation and also my colleagues who believed in me and motivated me throughout my preparation. It is a collective effort of my colleagues, my family, my mentor, and me due to which I achieved this feat.

Finally, I would like to thank Roads2Future for building this amazing student community which helps aspiring students to seek guidance and motivation to achieve their dreams. I hope my story will inspire and guide many aspiring students to achieve their dreams.I am looking forward to relishing the IIM experience.

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