From Being An Intern To A Pre-Placement Holder

Growing up I’d always heard stories of how my uncle wanted to be a cricketer instead of a doctor or how my mother wanted to be a singer instead became a professor or my cousin who is an exceptional artist was pushed into medical.

While my friends and my batch-mates were asked to take science in standard 10th by their parents, I was discussing and making a pro-con list of various streams with mine. History repeated itself after class 12th when most of my classmates were giving JEE exams, I was sitting in my room filling admission forms for B.Sc. in Maths and Statistics.

And so, the trend to make my own choices continues till now. When I joined MBA, as every first-year student, I heard multiple distorted accounts about how only few limited companies come for placements, how it is difficult to get your chosen field, how you should just take what you get. And again, as every first-year student, I did believe these tales to some extent.

But when the market opened for summer placements and companies started coming in to hire, I couldn’t bring myself to fill for roles I wasn’t interested in. Students around me were filling for every role and every company they could get their hands on. When they saw me not apply for big companies and high paying offers, they often told me I was doing wrong, that I would not get anything in the end. But I just couldn’t apply for a Marketing role when all I wanted was Analytics; that even if I could justify to the hiring HR why I was fit for the role, it would be injustice to myself.

As a result, out of the 100+ companies that visited our campus for summers, I applied only for 2 and got selected for one of them. I was elated when I was chosen because this was exactly what I had wanted. I was majoring in Finance and the job description included Finance and Analytics. Indeed, a dream come true!

But my battle was only half won. You see, all through the summer placements season while I chilled in my room and leisurely walked around the campus with a cup of tea, my friends were having a hellish time. Applying to a company and getting rejected, all for a job you don’t even want, that is tough. It was affecting my friends both mentally and physically. I was waking up at noon after having binge-watched a web-series all through the night while my friends prepped all night and got up early morning to get ready for an entire day of placement processes, sometimes even appearing for multiple companies in one day. While I tried to help them in whatever way I could, I realized that I don’t want to go through this tough time.

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Thus, I began researching about my company and soon found out that the company indeed offered pre-placement offers to their interns. This was it! This was what I knew I have to work for, now. If giving my 100% for two months would save me from the taxing time in the final placements, I’d do it.

So, when the first year ended and we were shipped off to our internship locations, I had a clear path in my head- I wanted to show the company that I as worth keeping. I had my eye on the prize and I knew I’d do everything in my power to get it. The induction happened in Chennai and the same evening we flew to Bangalore- our final location for internship.

What followed for the next two months was an experience of a lifetime. Right from day 1, I loved my job and the team I was working with. Everyone was really supportive and helpful in everything I did. I was a part of numerous team meetings, training programs and even house parties. Since I was a ‘new girl in the city’ and when I wasn’t at work, I fully utilized my time exploring the city- the main roads and nooks and crannies alike. I even traveled to neighboring cities on weekends. It was a plus that most of my friends were also interning in Bangalore.

But all this while, I never once took my eye off the path I’d chosen. It was all fun and games when I wasn’t working, but when it was about work, I gave it all. So, when the two months ended, I knew that I had done everything I could to get the pre-placement offer. My mother always says that we should give our 100% and not worry about the result.

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But as they say, everything teaches you something, I had my share of learning from this entire roller-coaster ride-

  • The first and foremost lesson which I learnt is not everything is for everyone. Just because one thing is for your friend, doesn’t mean it is for you too and vice versa. My friends applied for a lot of companies based solely on the name while I didn’t and it was the correct decision for me.
  • Do what you love- this is really important. Saying you’d be able to do it no matter how short the duration is, is easier said than done. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship because I really liked what I did. We should all make our own choices and not follow the herd. Listen to what others have to say about your choices, but do only what you want.
  • And one of the most valuable lesson I learnt was everything you do, do it full concentration, sincerity and honesty.

Reading my journey from Internship to PPO, I really hope you’d be able to learn something and relate to it.

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