Journey To The Mecca Of Rural Management In India – IRMA, Anand

About Parth Panchal :

Parth Panchal, born and brought up in the mountain city of Idar (North Gujarat). He has completed Automobile Engineering from LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. In his free time he loves to write Poetry and Short Stories. He loves to explore the cities from heritages to local food places.

Parth’s Guide to cracking IRMA, Anand

Born of an Idea to write a  CAT:

During my Engineering, I had been a Part of many Committees and Clubs. Through which I have cultivated my core interest in Management. I had got a chance to head few Committees in Pre Final & Final Year of Engineering, That Strengthen my trust on my managerial skill. Thus, all starts from those years.

How I approached the CAT preparation:

I had joined the classes back in the Final year of Engineering, Where I cleared basics of all 3 sections – VARC, DILR & QA. Then In Final year, I had placed in one of the top Automobile firms in the Sales & Marketing Role. So, I had decided to take a few years of work experience to understand the on-ground industry scenario in Sales & Marketing before moving deep into the Management field. During Job, I had managed to study a few hours a day. As my basics were clear, I have directly jumped on the Mock Tests. I took around 35 mocks of IMS & TIME. I believe that to rely heavily on mocks and analyze those thoroughly works for me. I had prepared one notebook in which I noted down all the major formulas from basics to advance. I always revise them once a week.

Few Tips to Prepare the CAT from scratch:

  • Quant
    • Clear all the basics  (Material of Any Coaching/ Arun Sharma Book Level-1)
    • Practice intermediate level (Arun Sharma Book Level -2)
    • Note down all important formulas from Basics to Advance and Revise it on weekly basis.
    • Practice from Past Mocks of IMS, TIME & CL as well as actual CAT Papers.
  • DILR
    • Understand the basics & types of Sets (Material of Any Coaching/ Arun Sharma Book)
    • Practice from Past Mocks of IMS, TIME & CL as well as actual CAT Papers.
  • VARC
    • READ, READ & READ ( , , NYTimes)
    • Practice 4 to 5 RCs a day within Time Frame.
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Along with all these,  Jump on the mocks just after you complete the basics. Try out different mock strategies; understand your strengths and weakness in Particular Areas. Work on both to maximize your mock scores. One more tip is, To ANALYZE the mock is more important than just to take a mock. Don’t repeat same mistakes in each mock. Don’t depress by your mock scores initially, just learn from mistakes and build on it. CAT is the game of Patience and Strategy, Understand the game to ace the game.

TIPS for D-Day:

  1. Trust on yourself & your abilities.
  2. CAT is not an Aptitude test but an Attitude test.
  3. Keep Calm & play like a game.


This is actually The make or break phase. Few Tips to prepare for this phase.

  1. Read 1 Standard Newspaper Daily (Livemint or The Hindu)
  2. Read 10 Days to MBA Book to clear the basics of all MBA Specialization
  3. Learn to connect the impact of One sector of Business on the other sector.
  4. Clear the concepts of under graduation Subjects.
  5. Work Experiance Related Understanding (Job Role, Company & Sector of Company)
  6. Last but the deciding factor – Confidence & Lite Smile in the interview.

You can join any of the coaching center if you are not comfortable with prepare your own.

My Attended Interviews:    NMIMS Mumbai, IMT-G, IMI Delhi, IRMA Anand, IIM CAP, BABY IIMs, IIT- KGP, KJ-Simsr    

My Converts: NMIMS Mumbai (Business Analytics), IMT-G, IMI Delhi, IRMA Anand, IIM Nagpur, IIM Amritsar, IIT Kharagpur, KJ-Simsr, (Waitlisted for New IIMs)

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Why IRMA among Number of available Options?

It all starts from that unique connection with Rural and Semi Urban India. In TAFE Limited, I have assigned the role of Rural Market Development of few Districts. It was really the great experience to establish touch with Rural & Semi Urban Indian Society. That Special Touch with the Rural Society of India ignites the spark inside me to ace a CAT & Enter into The MECCA of RURAL MANAGEMENT in INDIA- IRMA, Anand. Post MBA I want to work for FMCG/Dairy Development Sector in Sales & Marketing Division. And Want to move for Core Branding and Strategy role in the future.

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