Piyush Malhotra - CAT Journey

Journey towards B-School from an EY professional: Piyush Malhotra

Piyush Malhotra – CAT Journey

If you see no light at the end of the tunnel, then your journey is not supposed to end yet

Says Piyush Malhotra | EY Professional | TAPMI 2020-22

Piyush Malhotra is an optimistic person, with a crank to complete each task and goal with utmost diligence and tenacity to keep up the creativity. He has worked with EY and is an engineer.

My CAT journey is not the success story but rather a journey which taught me most

September 2018: “Hey! Have you filled the CAT form ?” asked a friend from the college. The final year of engineering has just started and have given interviews at few firms, which did not end with a positive result. I have always known about CAT but never gave any serious heads to it. “Not yet,” I said. “You plan to, that means ?” he inferred.
I didn’t have the answer because I was not focused, I was not sure which path was meant for me. After a quick google search, I perceived my profile (89.3/93.8/76.3) suits CAT (I realised after my first attempt what GEM meant and how beneficial the profile really was) and filled the form for CAT.

Since I was not serious about preparing for CAT, most of the November was either spent on preparing for Major Project (for which I later published my paper in Innovative Computing and Communication ) and giving a comprehensive interview for a conglomerate for which I spent 10 critical days of November travelling out of town.

D-Day arrived, I lost concentration after VARC and DILR and QA took the toll. January came and the result was not something to be proud of, ending the first attempt with meagre 86 percentile (83/93/77) which was nowhere satisfactory. Just to keep my options open, I filled the forms for IMI (B&FS, HR), TAPMI, FORE, LBSIM since I was still planning to join job as I had two offers from TCS and TRIDENT (the conglomerate I interviewed with November).

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Soon Interview Season followed and was fortunate enough to clear all of them. I mostly credit it to that conglomerate interview experience since they too followed the similar procedure of GD, GA and PI. But I decided to join none as I was inclined towards joining the job and trying for one more attempt, with preparation this time.

Fortunately, I have learned a few hard lessons by May end.

  1. Until you have written offer letter, no confirmation call from an organization can be relied upon, as Trident never sent the joining date.
  2. Focus, is the most important thing. Having a backup plan is necessary but sailing on two boats will only help you sink.

It was already May and I had to choose a path. I gave up TCS call letter as well since false knowledge has clouded my judgement, knowledge that IT professionals find it difficult to convert interview, which is somewhat true as well.

So preparation started at last after this long prelude, with 3 books (Arun Sharma), 2 test series (IMS and TIME) and The Hindu. By August I have given 10 mocks and was scoring around 120, confidence was rising, as I didn’t target 99 initially, all I hoping was of 95 which seemed achievable now. I was ready for raising the bar to 98 next but fate had something else planned for me. An opportunity arrived.

The opportunity was to join EY, I interviewed and joined it by mid-August. And the real struggle started from the first day, trying to find ever nanosecond I could to continue my preparation, after 13 hours workday. Soon, the infamous busy season of Big4 arrived and attempt to find those nanoseconds of preparation failed too.

Second D-Day of my life arrived, with out-of-touch from past 2 months, I messed DILR this time by spending 20 minutes on one set, which later turned out to the set which was meant to be left. Results came, it was no major improvement overall, 92 percentile (93/64/96), making me not eligible for most of the institute as I did not clear sectional cutoffs, was with same option as last year, IMI, TAPMI, GIM, IMT, KJS.

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It was another crossroad of life and I have to decide which to take, one that leads to reattempt or other to join TAPMI, one of the few institutes with dual crown accreditation. I choose the latter and feel very privileged to join them for 2020-22 batch of TAPMI for the core Program.

Few, learning that I shall like to share with aspirant :

  1. All three sections are equally important, none can be neglected.
  2. D-Day matters more than any number of hours you poured in for the preparation
  3. Freshers can probably join job after the attempt of CAT as anyhow the prior experience of a couple of months won’t be counted.
  4. Mocks and basic concept can easily fetch 90 percentile, add strategy and approach 95 is achieveable.

Do I see light at the end of the tunnel? Not yet, The Journey Continues…

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