The Campus Shenanigans

It is not just office desks that have been skedaddled by the horrors of the notorious virus COVID-19 but also college campuses that have lost the joys of roaring chuckles and the innovation of brilliant ideas from even more brilliant minds. Now as I recall my campus days just before the lockdown was laid, a picturesque of a blazing sun hovering over trees making its leaves gleam and a couple of reckless friends waiting for me at the staircase fills my mind with absolute bliss. It is rightfully said that the real worth and significance of something hits us in the head and heart only when it is taken away from us.

Being a first year college student, the profligacy of campus has stimulated more innovative ideas in me than the four cemented classroom walls. A regular day at college campus used to be following the ritual of waking up at 7 in the morning and reaching college to a surprise of bunch of my silly billys waiting to commence the day with warm hugs and smiles. And how can I forget our audacity and dauntlessness of not going in the classroom until the teacher hollers her throat out at us. The staircase and canteen of any campus hold an unequalled spot in the hearts of a student.  And both together combined go as well as chai and biscuit. Back in my college, the staircase of every building in the campus was like a detoxing and tranquilizing zone where each student gathered holding a paper cup filled with their choice of caffeine in one hand and a biscuit that had become soggy because the canteen uncle couldn’t care any less,in the other trying to kick away their morning mulligrubs and gain energy to run around for the rest of the day. And here is a red-letter mention to that one big-hearted darling of a person who dares to bring their bowl of steaming hot maggie in that pack of wolves sitting on every step waiting to snatch it from her and burp it away!

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Keeping aside fun and games, there is something more that consumes us students on campus- ASSIGNMENTS! How can a student ever forget the tussle and toil of running from one lab on the ground floor to another lab on the sixth floor of another building that does not even have a lift for an assignment you are not even sure will be calculated in the end. And the fatiguing task of finding that teacher who took your pen and since it’s the end of the month and you are too broke to buy another because you already invested all your money in that one party, so you got to find her anyhow.

Now we come to the part where the real shenanigans begin – us and the seniors. Imagine when you and your friends are just unobtrusively chilling under the shade of a tree minding your own business and an anomalous hand curiously taps on your shoulder. Well yes it is a senior who has either come to spill their stygian humour or is genuine enough and has come to make you au courant with all spots on campus where you can go bunk and remain un-arrested from the eyes of the faculty. It is weird to say to but is the ultimate truth that seniors are like older siblings, some arrogant like that brother back at home you never talk to and some so affectionate that they never let you miss your folks. And while we are at it we cannot miss talking about that one famous group of seniors in the entire college that every junior dreams being a part of. It can be equitably said that it is not only the teachers that you learn from in college, seniors can be terrific mentors too. From fests to carried forward big scale assignments, a good senior can be just the right guidance and push you need on campus while you are away from family.

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