The Convocation We Deserved

The onset of the global pandemic has put an unforeseen hiatus on numerous things. While we are staying at home, from time to time, our thoughts go back to the memories that we miss terribly now. We indulge ourselves in imagining a reality that was so easy to pursue in yesteryear, but, now seems to be a distant dream. 

As the new normalcy is unmasking around the world, there are a plethora of events that marked this year as truly memorable (in both good and bad ways). Seriously, who would have thought that one after the other, so many nations will be under lockdown? Who would have thought that the virtual birthday celebration will be the only go-to option? Who would have thought living away from your family could be this painful, even though you are used to it? Who would have thought the graduation ceremonies won’t be the same? Being a 2020 pass out, my heart goes out to all my peers who haven’t received the convocation that they deserved. Trust me, it is painful!


The Pain of Unfinished “Goodbyes”

Bidding goodbye to your near and dear ones is hard irrespective of anything. There are several heart-wrenching verses that try to embrace that “not so welcomed” feeling. But what if you never got a chance to bid your share of farewell? It stings, right? Basically, this is what the graduating students had to go through this year- The pain of “unfinished see-offs”, the ache of not able to go on the podium and get a grip on the fruit of their labor and the major highlight of their life getting trapped in an unimaginable virtual world defying all their expectations.

This whole scenario is even more painful for postgraduate students who could not receive a proper convocation earlier as well. This year’s convocation was supposed to be remarkable for them. Maybe this was the last stamp of formal education on their resumes and this time they wanted to revere it completely. In their own way, they wanted to make up for the last one, the one that they now regret to not able to attend.

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The Convocation Timeline

In January, when the Corona virus started making noise, graduating students were occupied in planning their grad trips. These trips are the talk of the town right from the commencement of their first-year classes. Juniors take cues from their seniors in finalizing some of the most sought after destinations. The last leg of the journey begins when the trip is over and you are coming back to the campus one last time. The time when you are bombarded with overwhelming emotions and nostalgia. The fact that everything is coming to an end starts getting a hold of you and your heavy heart starts pondering about the pace of time.

But this year, things unfolded in an unprecedented manner. By the time March arrived, novel corona virus started spreading its wings globally. A tide of gloominess devoured news channels. Grad trips were called off in the face of dual crisis and the momentous pictures of Convocation started getting blurred. The speculations of Convocation for the batch of 2020 getting postponed became the harsh truth. The plans of visiting the campus one last time and meeting your batch-mates were put off. The luggage deliberately left in the college rooms to get all decked up for the convocation was stranded for a time unknown. A lot of courage was mustered to finally cancel the flight tickets that were supposed to take you to your second home. The only thing that remained undeterred was tearful eyes, with or without the convocation.

A Ray of Hope

Nevertheless, the batch of 2020 is deemed special in a myriad of ways. There is chatter around the globe highlighting their plight. Several thought leaders and celebrities occupied center stage to pacify “the batch” that is still registering the recent happenings. Undeniably, the year is challenging for many of us at both personal and professional front. Not only the batch of 2020 is facing a quandary but sadly the things are hazy for the upcoming batches too. The pandemic has left all of us in a fix where we are clueless about how the impending waves of the virus are going to run their course and eventually affect us.

Source: The New International

No matter how bleak our surroundings are today, We all are strongly hoping that this pandemic will meet its end soon. Young hearts are optimistic that sometime soon in the future, they will go back to their Alma-mater and bid a proper goodbye. Once again the campuses will echo with laughter and people will finally see each other sans the virtual means. Once again tearful eyes will promise each other to meet soon and finish that pending grad trip. Once again the sky will be adorned with flying graduation hats getting captured in an eternal frame. After all, the batch of 2020 deserves nothing less. Am I right or am I right?

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