Abhishek Pandey | NITIE 2020-22 Batch

The ‘GATE’way to a B-School by Abhishek Pandey

Abhishek Pandey | NITIE 2020-22 Batch
Abhishek Pandey | NITIE 2020-22 Batch

About Abhishek Pandey:

Abhishek is a result-driven Mechanical Engineer with a 2 year experience in the field of Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning. Adept in designing and analyzing parameters specific to a particular design with an in-depth understanding of high side equipments like Chillers. Comprehensive knowledge of screw compressor failures & troubleshooting operating problems of chillers. Capable professional with a keen eye for detail, exceptional multitasking capabilities and with an advance domain knowledge. 

Abhishek’s journey to NITIE:

From being termed as an unorthodox person to being termed as “Role Model” by many. I’ve come a long way. To start with, it wasn’t simple but it wasn’t tough either or impossible.

Everything rewinds back to the final year of Engineering in 2018, being the topper of college from Mechanical Engineering domain, peer pressure eventually made me appear for the most coveted exam among Engineers i.e. the GATE, but neither was I serious about it nor did GATE entertained me, eventually giving me a rank, I don’t even remember. But I couldn’t care less, I was placed and all excited to begin my journey in one of the best organizations of the country. Cut to few months forward, I was all surrounded with what you call it as “Corporate Hustle Bustle” , explored and learned a lot about the functioning of various departments but eventually realized that something was amiss. I could understand the on-goings at my organization but sometimes saw few problems in the method or the way it was performed. While I could see the problems, I neither had the knowledge to understand how to overcome them nor the power to incorporate the same.

Eventually I decided to hone my managerial skills to understand things in a better manner and what other way than joining a B-school. It was already late September, so there was no point in giving CAT and it wasn’t my forte as well. I rather used to find myself more comfortable in solving technical questions and hence decided to go with GATE. But joining a B-school through GATE? What were my options? Only NITIE, but it was the only option I needed, because the course PGDIE offered by NITIE was perfect for a person like me who wanted to learn more about management but also wanted to apply the technical aptitude gained during engineering. So for me, the whole purpose of giving a particular exam was just to join that “dream college” with no backups at all, a typical hanging by a thread situation.

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I decided to appear for GATE not from mechanical but from Production stream, the story behind which we’ll leave for another day. So I started preparing for the exam, “alongside the job”, which is termed as impossible by many, but it isn’t. It is all about doing things at the right time with discipline and perseverance. I started literally stealing time as and when possible to study and make my own notes. I used to commute to office daily by train which was almost an hour journey, so I used this opportunity to revise concepts on a regular basis and solve theoretical questions and numerical which could be done by simple mental calculations. Tried hard to cover everything but it was not entirely possible due to lack of time. I prioritized subjects, made weightage analysis and prepared so as to cover at least 80% of the syllabus.So February 2019 came and went. I gave the exam but the result was no different than my last attempt at GATE, the only difference being, it hurt me this time.Because last time, I was careless but this time, I gave my best but still failed.

“Your dream doesn’t have a expiry date. So take a deep breath and start again!”

This quote became my motto and in that moment I truly understood how failure can truly be the stepping stone to success. The dream of joining NITIE was distant but my mind didn’t want to deter from the path. I did not have anything to lose, hence decided to have another attempt and since this time I had ample of time of almost 10 months, I can basically start from scratch. Around same time, my responsibilities at job took a U -turn when I was shifted from the design department to Customer After Sales Service and during my stint in this department, I became closely associated with the departments of procurement, logistics and began closely monitoring the Supply Chain activities and its impact at improving Customer Satisfaction. My decision to join NITIE became more rigid due to the fact that it is termed as the “mecca of supply chain” and I became more and more aware about the impact of SCM in business profitability.

The journey towards cracking GATE-2020 started with me analyzing the mistakes made during the exams and marking the areas which needed improvement. I started off with the subjects in which I faced the most problems earlier and took time to understand the concepts thoroughly. This time I made a detailed 18 week schedule marking the syllabus and keeping weekly targets to achieve. Weekdays would comprise learning concepts, making short notes and practicing daily short quizzes while weekends would mean a thorough revision of the concepts studied throughout the week and attempting tests and contemplating the mistakes made.

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Due to the schedule, it was easy to track progress and hence I was able to complete the whole syllabus well before the planned date and then started attempting mock tests around December-2019 and revised thoroughly during Jan. Attempted the exam in Feb and was successful in achieving AIR 24. But this was only the start as the final step was still remaining as NITIE also conducts GD+PI to select the candidates and then this Corona thing happened and uncertainty kicked in.

When most of the colleges were canceling interviews, I was glad that NITIE resorted to at least taking the interviews online, however scrapping the GD process. The interviews went smoothly and when finally results were declared, I was a bundle of emotions. I finally made it to PGDIE at NITIE. Seeing your dreams being fulfilled is the greatest source of happiness. Throughout the journey, my greatest supports were definitely my parents who never doubted and had their full trust in me and also my colleagues who sometimes relieved my from my workload since I was preparing.

All in all it was a great journey full of its own ups and downs, but what would the Ups mean without the Downs in life?

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