Covid-19: A Push Towards Digital Learning

Digital technology has been in demand right from the start of the 21st century, the world is slowly turning towards the ocean of information. It is the most powerful tool created by mankind for its benefit. Its usage has it’s wide spread in every possible field.

Digital media has its arms spread everywhere from medical science to arts, from architecture to education. It can connect two different sides of the world within fraction of time and is the best means of communication in today’s world. It is not only used in training and simulation in various fields like army, navy, air force, where it is used in missile testing, but also employed in research fields to reduce the risk of the actual assembly and life risk.

Recently, our world has been hit by a Covid-19 or Novel Corona virus. This virus has made the entire world come to a halt. Scientists and doctors all around the world are trying their best to find a cure for this pandemic. Government bodies all around the world are trying to prevent its spread by providing solutions which include lockdown, social distancing and regular hand sanitizing

This has forced people to stay separately and home-quarantine themselves. Due to this lockdown policy, all crowded places round the world which includes schools, colleges, malls, super markets, work places etc. have been restricted to visit, which has paused everyone’s life. But it has brought us enough time to search for our roots and dive deeper into them. This time can be utilized in a beneficial way.

Digital Learning Realities, Fosway Group, Feb 2018

Digital technology is a boon to the real world. It has created various means of entertainment, business, marketing, shopping, learning. It makes it possible to do everything within the four walls of a room and share it with the world. Digital learning is powerful tool in this period of lockdown. But as we know, every prospect in this world has its own pros and cons, it depends on the user to take it as optimistically as possible.

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Digital learning is famous due to portability and wide accessibility. It makes it possible to study remotely as per one’s own pace. It also gives us a chance to work as per our own schedule. There is a wide variety of teaching material available online, which is both user friendly and user specific. It is also a good option for people who want learn and gain knowledge. This is possible due to online certified courses from the most recognized institutes all around the world which is a trend in today’s education pattern. It is also used to give practical experiences using simulation and visual effects. The better visualization helps the early learners to grasp everything easily. It is also the reason for creating more jobs in the online world. People who are into teaching, animation, designing, video editing, etc are having a peak time for a great start to their career.

When it comes to cons, the major need for digital learning is a desktop with an internet facility. Apart from that one has to face exhaustion both physical and mental exhaustion due to long sitting hours and visual exposure. It also causes eye irritation and lack of sleep due to extreme exposure to computer and mobile screens. Though, we are using simulations but there are some experiments which are important for one’s curriculum and there’s a compulsion of physical practical in an organized laboratory.

So it depends on every user to make the most of any opportunity in the most optimistic way.

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