Depression: A reality!

A depressed person gets trapped by the surroundings surrounded by stillness, and become unable to understand the movement of time. what we are able to see, that depressed person cannot. In particular, we are able to describe the beauty of nature and life, but the depressed one only laments his lack of connection with society. The isolation defines his existence, and his longing for a connection leaves that person wishing for death. the depressed person suffers from an intense passion that causes him to lose control over the mind while also not being able to experience the world around. he makes himself isolated and remains in a captive state.

Usually, there exists a wrong tendency and many misunderstandings, which creates fear even on hearing the name of a Psychiatrist. and this fear is not only in the minds of uneducated people but also in modern urban society. A kind of fear or shame always builds in our minds that if we talk to someone about our mental health, people tend to consider us mad. That is why many times we shy away from getting treatment despite problems. And maybe the reason for this fear is the lack of correct information about mental health and treatment.

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Now what’s that which causes depression?

So today, in a rapidly changing environment where every person wants to get everything quickly, seeks happiness in external things, wants everything in accordance with his will. a kind of fear of failure develops in the heads. and that leads us to make feel isolated and it saddened our moods. Today’s, generation is lacking parental connections, distance is growing in the relationships, lack of social interactions. In such situations, people are increasingly inclined towards social networking sites. The only thing matters is what others think of us?

So now how can we cure depression?

So, the problem has become common, which can be solved easily through counselling and psychotherapy, just need to remove the inner confusion and shame. We need a passion to live, not the looks. Stephen hawking :90% of his body parts don’t work, Jessica Cox: no hands, Yet a licensed pilot and swimmer. So, don’t ever feel inferior about you. If u don’t love yourself no one will love you. if you laugh the world laughs with you but if you weep you weep alone. Be confident about yourself always. And try challenging negative thoughts on daily basis can help you in gaining willpower and that willpower will help us to know the true meaning of life.

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Unfortunately, some depressed people, due to lack of consultation, started to rely upon drug addiction. they think drugs can help them to curb their tensions in mind. but in reality, this is not so. Only the willpower should be to curb the depression then it will also curbs the addiction. Curbing the addiction will cause slight pain but everlasting results.

There are some reality check facts about depression that tends to develop mostly in younger age people as they lack information and have no idea what to do in such situation. Globally, it is estimated that 10-20% of adolescents experience mental health conditions. Half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people who fall within the (15 – 29) age. Depression in adolescents is a major risk factor for suicide. Causes of mental health illnesses in adolescents are varied but most cases can be traced to psychological trauma resulting from either physical assault – if a child is cruelly lashed, sexually abused, or verbally abused. Self-loathing, dysfunctional family backgrounds, cyberbullying could also predispose adolescents to episodes of disruptive behavior, leading to depression and suicidal thoughts. Some of the common symptoms are pervasive low mood, a lack of interest, low energy, or restlessness, decreased or increased appetite, oversleeping or insomnia, impaired memory, lowered self-confidence, and thoughts of death and suicide. There is a general understanding that being depressed means being sad, while in actuality there is a difference. If you or anyone you know is experiencing any of the above symptoms for two weeks or more, seeking professional help is highly recommended.

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We need to understand that life is not based on a single aspect. it has its own meaning its own value. ending life results in nothing but sympathies after death. In real life seems to be more complicated than shown in novels and movies. but we also need to understand that life is a precious gift given by God we should respect it and value ourselves. So, we should try to express ourselves to others, or maybe in a diary, and try to figure out the problems that make our life miserable and work out on that. By challenging the negative aspects, we can change our life prospects. life Is worth living to the fullest. Enjoying each small thing can beat our depression .we will feel happy when we inclined ourselves towards this beautiful nature and natural beings and making connections with society. Remember each and every problem whether it may be mentally or emotionally Is curable. So, enjoy your sour-sweet fruits of life.

About author: Tanya Jain

Tanya Jain is pursuing an MA in English. She has a deep love for reading novels and aspires to become a writer. She seems introvert at first, but loves to share her writing with the world. She likes to play with a brush once in a while

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