Effects of Lockdown On Engineers

India is considered as world’s second largest engineering hub after USA. India produces nearly 1.5 million engineers every year. Every year around 10 -17 lakhs student who give IIT-JEE entrance exam which leads them to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Though there are very few students who actually cross the bar and reach their desired gate. Students who manage to get an ALL INDIA RANK (AIR) under 10,000 make it to the IIT’s.

Thinking what about others who cannot bag the AIR below 10,000? They are enrolled into other institutes like National Institute of Technology (NIT’s), Indian Institute of Information and Technology (IIIT’s), Centrally Funded Technical Institute( CFTI’s). The people who get a rank below 1,50,000 get admission in this institutes.

A pessimist sees the trouble in every situation, where as a optimist sees the opportunities in every situation.

What about the left out students? They make it through various private colleges which stand in lane of Tier 1 colleges. These colleges include SRM College of Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, BITs, LPU, SHARDA University etc. These colleges conduct their own entrance exams with their own scholarships.

Apart from these colleges, there are many institutions in India which come under Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and more. These colleges are bifurcated on the basis of the placements they give. Tier 1 colleges are the highest bidder in the market and whereas Tier 3 colleges are more at local level in the market.

In spite of the tough competition, the job seekers are very less. Apart from the job seekers, there are only 3-4% of the engineers who have relevant skill set.

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Lockdown and Engineers

Like a garnish on a platter, the lockdown due to Covid-19 is a risk to many employees. In this difficult time, the economy has hit the rock bottom. This has led to an increase in unemployment and many to lose their jobs.

Many engineers are trying hard to maintain their jobs and continue it. The students who have recently graduated or were about to graduate are also struck without campus placements. Some freshers who were about to join their company’s are also waiting due to lockdown. Some who were waiting for the campus placements are facing the dilemma of lockdown.

The respondent engineers who were about to change their workplace or who were waiting for transfer to different branches are also a part of this endless queue. Due to lockdown, there is a considerable decrease in off campus placements due to a massive decrease in hiring process.

Many engineers in India do not have the desired skill set needed for their respective branches. Though we produce 1.5 million engineers every year but only 3% have relevant skill sets and only 10- 17% of the engineers opt for technical jobs.

Seeing the Positives

So viewing the optimistic side of the situation, many engineers who are having a job but less workload are learning new skills to achieve their expected skill sets. Even freshers got a chance to enhance their skills in this lockdown due to free time. The ones who are yet to be placed can work and crack the toughest placements if they utilize the time wisely.

A survey made in Bangalore states that 8 of 10 engineers are bound to learn new skills during the current lockdown phase.

The Economics Times

This lockdown is considered as an economy wrecker by many, but there are some field which are unaffected. As mentioned by EE Times India, the research field remains unaffected. It gives them more time to work on the desired projects. Only lab assessment and practical trials are affected a little. This survey actually featured some of the renowned companies like Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, Western Digital, Saankhya lab.

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So seeing the positive aspect of every situation, will also overpower the dilemma of lockdown. Only key to a happy future in this phase of Covid-19 pandemic is to stay motivated and keep working.


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